Pork Donuts?

Pork donuts may not be palatable to Americans or Europeans, but the parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts and the Baskin-Robbins ice cream chains is catering to local tastes in China, where it aims to open another 100 stores in the next two to three years. Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc also announced a multi-year marketing agreement on Monday with National Basketball Association star LeBron James, who has a big following of Chinese fans. The company now has about 150 stores in China, the world’s second-largest economy. “Donuts are a very flexible product. You can do savory donuts, you can do donuts with shredded pork — that’s in China,” Chief Executive Officer Nigel Travis told Reuters in an interview. “We also have a range of other savory products that we have been testing and introducing country by country.” Getting the menu right in each market is critical. Pork donuts, for example, are not likely to sell well in Indonesia and Malaysia, where people are predominantly Muslim.” w/ photos

Cars Performing Donuts Simultaneously

“The most cars performing donuts simultaneously is 57 and was achieved by drivers of the Queensland Raceway (Australia) at the Queensland Raceway in Willowbank, Australia.”

Indoor Donuts

“The coolest way to kill yourself with carbon monoxide poisoning.” — MaxHPep

How To Make S’mores Donuts

“The only logical thing to do with the chocolate bar in my sugar filled mind is to throw it into a decadent and delicious dessert. So what’s better than stuffing a creamy milk chocolate bar inside of a piping hot homemade donut and making S’mores Donuts! These donuts are stuffed with mini marshmallows and milk chocolate toffee bar pieces and dipped into a chocolate glaze and topped with graham cracker crumbs. It’s heaven in donut form!” w/ photos

How To Make Apple Fritter Donuts

“The fritters were golden to a perfection and by the time he finished plating them with a dusting of sugar, I literally had stars in my eyes. They remain till date, the best fritters I have ever had. And Nick has not made them in almost 15 years. That is why I savour truly special sights, tastes and moments. You never know if you’ll ever experience them again. This is my version of that glorious apple fritter, an ode to that confining moment of our relationship. I call it a donut, because that is exactly what it looks like and the kids find it amusing that a donut has an apple inside.” w/ photos

Cake Covered With Mini Donuts

“While searching for the perfect cake I couldn’t help but remember all the past birthdays and all the special cakes and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears for the little girl that was now all grown up (I know, pretty silly). The years of ballerina cakes and princess cakes were long gone but this birthday seemed so monumental. Even though Liana’s now a young woman I decided I was going to make one last girly, sugar and spice, cutesy kind of special birthday cake for Liana.” w/ photos

Does Love Make Food Taste Sweeter?


Unlike sprinkling powdered sugar over donuts, you can’t simply dollop love onto food, so the researchers adopted a more nuanced approach, which they put into action over four separate experiments… Subjects primed to feel love rated their chocolates significantly sweeter than those who wrote about jealousy or landmarks in Singapore. However, subjects primed to feel jealousy — which was paired to sour and bitter tastes in the first experiments — did not rate their samples more sour or bitter than those who wrote about love or landmarks.” w/ photos

Doughnut Bacon Sandwich


Even as fast-food chains tout their healthy offerings, they’re also coming up with fatty new treats to keep customers interested. Case in point: Dunkin’ Donuts is adding a doughnut breakfast sandwich to its national menu next week. The sandwich, which comes with fried eggs and bacon between a split glazed doughnut, will become a part of the permanent menu starting June 7, which the chain claims is ‘National Donut Day.’ Dunkin’ Donuts had tested the sandwich in select stores in eastern Massachusetts in April, creating considerable buzz online.” w/ photos