How Dyson Made Its Bladeless Fan 75% Quieter


“This idea — making sure a device’s sound is not only quiet but pleasant — is often overlooked. It’s easy to assume that as long as a fan is quiet, that’s all that matters. Not so, says Baptiste. During testing he found that the new generation was emitting a sound with a frequency of 1000 hertz. This particular frequency, often described as a high-pitched mosquito buzz, is inarguably annoying. Since Dyson wasn’t able to change the frequency coming from the motor, they decided to trap it inside the Hemholtz cavity. Dyson claims the new Air Multiplier is 75 per cent quieter than the previous generation, which really is a substantial decrease in noise.” w/ photos + video

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World’s Smallest Monkey

“The crazy, adorable antics of Ninita, the pygmy marmoset! Ninita is a captive-bred monkey, part of a conservation initiative to save her species. Born deaf and rejected by her parents, she had to be hand reared by humans resulting in an unusual bond.” — Richard Kern

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How To Make Eggshell Planters

“Grow garden cress, other herbs or grass inside an egg and make funny haircuts. Great fun to do with the kids this Easter. A different type of Easter egg!” — DaveHax

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Tuco’s Grill Paperweight


Stripped straight out of his narcissistic gob and set inside a clear acrylic cube, this is all that remains of Tuco Salamanca. Following a thwarted poisoning attempt and a couple of violent shoot-outs, these bejewelled silver choppers are finally yours to own. With such a villainous relic on your desk you can feel just like the smug (and balding) head of the Alberquerque DEA, Hank Schrader. He got a “big ole raging hard-on at the idea of catching this piece of sh*t” and this iconic dental trophy is a testament to his guile and ruthlessness, his boisterous criminal-catching expertise.” w/ photos

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