Glow-In-The-Dark Roads Make Debut In Netherlands


“Light-absorbing glow-in-the-dark road markings have replaced streetlights on a 500m (0.3 mile) stretch of highway in the Netherlands. Studio Roosegaarde promised the design back in 2012, and after cutting through rather a lot of government red tape we can finally see the finished product. One Netherlands news report said, ‘It looks like you are driving through a fairytale,’ which pretty much sums up this extraordinary project. The studio aims to bring technology and design to the real world, with practical and beautiful results.” w/ photos

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Amazon Offers Employees $5,000 To Quit


Amazon is offering its warehouse employees up to $5,000 to quit their jobs, even as the company is in the process of adding workers and locations. The ‘Pay to Quit’ program, which was announced by CEO Jeff Bezos in his letter to shareholders late Thursday, is an effort to make sure that the Internet retailer’s employees really want to be there. ‘The goal is to encourage folks to take a moment and think about what they really want,’ he wrote in the letter. ‘In the long-run, an employee staying somewhere they don’t want to be isn’t healthy for the employee or the company.” Bezos said the offer is made under the headline ‘Please Don’t Take This Offer.’ Amazon will offer to pay its associates to quit once a year.” w/ photos

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Ex-Taco Bell Interns Claim They Invented The Doritos Taco


“During a summer internship in 1995, Watt and three other college students pitched the idea of a Doritos-shell taco to Taco Bell executives as part of an intern competition. They lost that contest, but their idea turned out to be a winner more than 15 years later: Taco Bell has netted more than $1 billion in sales from its eerily similar product, the Doritos Locos Taco, which it launched in 2012. ‘I’m sure I signed away that anything I pitched to them was their property anyway,’ Watt said. ‘I would just like someone to recognize that it was a good idea.” w/ photos

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Rare Goat-Sheep Born On Irish Farm


A rare, hybrid animal that is part goat and part sheep has been born on a farm in the Republic of Ireland. The animal, referred to as a geep, was born about two weeks ago on Paddy Murphy’s farm in County Kildare. The unexpected arrival is thought to be the result of mating between a goat and one of the sheep farmer’s Cheviot ewes. Mr Murphy said the cross-breeding was not intentional. He described it as a ‘pure shock to the system’ and said it would be a ‘one-off’ event on his farm.” w/ photo + video

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Bags Of Mountain Air Offered In Smog-Addled Chinese City


“No, it wasn’t a scene from Spaceballs. According to the organizer, a Henan-based travel company, 20 bright blue bags of air were shipped to Zhengzhou, capital of central China’s Henan province, as a special treat for residents. The air originated from Laojun Mountain, some 120 miles away from the city, and was brought as part of a promotional gimmick to show oxygen-deprived city residents what they’re missing.” w/ photos

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Drunk Man Riding Motorized Cooler


A Queensland man allegedly caught riding a motorized esky, containing 10 tallies of beer, two bags of cask wine, and up to six cans of bourbon, found himself in trouble after blowing more than six times the alcohol limit. The 38-year-old man from Scarness was spotted by police who were conducting a Drink-Rite information night at the Torquay Hotel, allegedly riding the esky down the Charlton Esplanade bike path about 4.45pm on Friday.” w/ photos

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50-Foot Snowman


His name is Granddaddy, and the snowman that began as a short pile of snow that simply needed to be moved after a greenhouse roof collapsed is now drawing plenty of people out to gawk in sub-zero temperatures. ‘I think everyone in the world should see it!’ exclaimed 8-year-old Daniel Kroska. In just one hour on Monday evening, a dozen carloads of families stopped along Benton County Road 3 in Gilman, Minn., to get a first-hand look at Greg Novak’s 50-foot snowman. ‘I just want to give him a big giant hug,’ Kroska told Fox 9 News when explaining why he tried to climb the giant snowman just minutes earlier.” w/ photo + video

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