Man Survived On Pizza For 25 Years!


“My friend Dan survives on nothing but pizza. It’s said that variety is the spice of life, but for Dan, a 38-year-old woodworker based in Maryland, oregano is the only spice involved, because it’s the only thing that he will put on top of his pizza. The next time people tell you to eat your vegetables, you can tell them to fuck off and enlighten them with the story of this guy… Check out this interview with the legend himself.” w/ photos

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Slackliner Crosses 200ft Deep Reservoir Drain

“Hovering over an abyss, this daredevil proves the most extreme slacklining spots are not always up a mountain. And with a drop of more than 200ft, this reservoir drain more than delivers the necessary fear factor. Extreme sportsman Flaviu Cernescu crossed the pitch-black hole eight times in one day. He even took took his unicycle out for a spin around the rim of the drain which is located at the edge of Lake Iovanu in Romania.” — BarcroftTV

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World’s Oldest Crystals On Earth


The oldest thing on Earth is smaller than a piece of human hair. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, have determined that blue zircon crystals found in a remote part of Australia are 4.4 billion years old, just 160 million younger than the formation of our solar system. The crystals were dug up in 2001 in an area called Jack Hills in Western Australia; researchers believed they were about 4.4 billion years old, but they couldn’t prove it at the time.” w/ photos

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Prehistoric Forest Arises In Cardigan Bay After Storms Strip Away Sand

Borth forest remains, Cardigan Bay

A prehistoric forest, an eerie landscape including the trunks of hundreds of oaks that died more than 4,500 years ago, has been revealed by the ferocious storms which stripped thousands of tons of sand from beaches in Cardigan Bay. The forest of Borth once stretched for miles on boggy land between Borth and Ynyslas, before climate change and rising sea levels buried it under layers of peat, sand and saltwater… The skeletal trees are said to have given rise to the local legend of a lost kingdom, Cantre’r Gwaelod, drowned beneath the waves. The trees stopped growing between 4,500 and 6,000 years ago, as the water level rose and a thick blanket of peat formed.” w/ photos

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Man Keeps 14-Year-Old Hamburger

“Fast food is meant to be consumed quickly and conveniently, which is why a St. George, Utah man€™s perfectly-preserved 14 year-old hamburger gets a lot of attention.” — KUTV2News

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Most Expensive Honey In The World


At 5,000 euros (US $6,800) per kilogram, ‘Elvish’ honey from Turkey is the most expensive in the world. The special honey is extracted from a 1,800-meter deep cave in the Saricayir valley of Artvin city, northeastern Turkey. According to Gunay Gunduz, a local beekeeper, elvish honey is so expensive because it is naturally produced. The mineral-rich cave enhances the honey’s quality, adding to its value. Gunduz, whose family has been into beekeeping for three generations, first noticed some bees entering the cave back in 2009. That’s when he realized that it might contain honey.” w/ photos

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Korean Girl Gets Paid $9,000 A Month To Stream Herself Eating

“For anyone that’s surprised as to why anyone wouldn’t want to eat alone – South Korea is a place where everyone has a friend, acquaintance or partner just for the sake of not being alone. If you don’t, you may be seen as someone with social problems. Unless people eat at home with their family, they would always go outside to a cafe or restaurant to eat with a friend. And some people are just so depressed and alone because of a highly pressured, busy life that they don’t have time to meet up with anyone and just rather watch someone online.” — Ilron

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Woman Raised By Monkeys

“This is the incredible true story of a little girl’s kidnap, her five year survival alone in the jungle… and the monkeys who saved her. A unique journey from feral child to modern day Grandma now living happily in Bradford, England. Marina Chapman doesn’t know her real name or her biological family. She claims that as a child in Colombia she was abducted and abandoned in the jungle, and that she survived by living alone with monkeys for five years. Now, fifty years later, Marina is returning to Colombia with her daughter to try and uncover the truth.” — DocumHub

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