Biggest Earwax Removal Ever!

“I’m pretty sure I’m more satisfied seeing the doctor pulling it out than the actual patient. I would love to pull something like that out of an ear!” — Tiki481

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Netflix & YouTube Gobble Up Half Of Internet Traffic


Netflix is still the Goliath, and YouTube is only getting bigger. In general, video and audio streaming continues to eat up the greatest traffic of any category on virtually every network reviewed by Sandvine, which runs fixed and mobile data networks worldwide and reports on what is taking place on them. In North America, Netflix and YouTube are the main traffic culprits, according to its twice yearly Global Internet Phenomena Report. Combined, they account for 50.31 percent of the downstream traffic during the peak part of the day.” w/ photos

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Holy Ducks!

“This video was taken at my village somewhere in south India. The ducks are reared for their meat and eggs.” — Jiuoy

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World Record Slack Line Crossing

“Andy Lewis sets a new world record – walking a slack line suspended 480ft above the Las Vegas strip. Crossing the line strung between towers at the Mandalay Bay casino, Andy set a world record for the longest distance walked on a slack line in an urban environment when he made the 360ft crossing. Ignoring the light wind and planes taking off from nearby McCarren International Airport, Andy reached the other side on his third attempt and stepped into the record books. Andy hopes his feat of skill will draw attention to the sport – and inspire someone else to take on his record.” w/ photos

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Man Has Slept With Over 1,000 Cars

“Edward Smith, aged 63, a self-described mechaphile, said he has held intense sexual feelings for automobiles since he was 14. ‘I feel a tremendous sense of calm when I am with her,’ Smith explained. ‘No matter how I tell people they are blown away. ‘What’s he do just stick it up the tail pipe?’ That’s all they can think of and the sexual satisfaction it’s not like that. It’s so much more. It’s about making a connection with this car’s spiritual energy. I’ve been with Vanilla for 30 years now. I still get the temptation to pull over the side of the road if I see a really cute car parked. But I don’t want to break my promise to Vanilla to remain faithful to her.” — BarcroftTV

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New Large Species Of Flying Squirrel Found


“The new species is named Biswamoyopterus laoensis. The suggested common name is the Laotian giant flying squirrel. Biswamoyopterus laoensis is a large flying squirrel that weighs 1.8 kg and measures about 42 inches (1.08 m) in total length – the body is about 18 inches (0.46 m) long and the tail is 24 inches (0.62 m) long. ‘It is a remarkable discovery for science. It is very rare species with large body size,’ explained Mr Daosavanh Sanamxay, a masters student at the Prince of Songkla University in Thailand and a lead author of a paper published in the journal Zootaxa.” w/ photos

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This Bird Can Stay In Flight For 6 Months Straight


“For more than 200 straight days straight, as revealed by his team’s study published today in Nature Communications, the birds stayed aloft over West Africa. The tags only collect data every four minutes, so it’s impossible to rule out the chance that they touched down occasionally in between these intervals — but every single one of the data points collected for more than six months in a row indicated that, at the time, they were either actively flying or at least gliding in the air.” w/ photos

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Termite Queen Lays Millions Of Eggs

“This termite queen’s abdomen is so large she can hardly move. But behind this seeming helplessness lies immense power. During her 15-year lifespan, a queen can lay more than 165 million eggs.” — NatGeo

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Beachgoers Discover 30-Foot Giant Squid


Beachgoers in the Spanish community of Cantabria were astonished Tuesday when they stumbled onto the carcass of a giant squid that had washed ashore almost fully intact. The deep-sea denizen—the fabled and mysterious Architeuthis Dux—measured 30 feet and weighed nearly 400 pounds. It was delivered to the Maritime Museum of Cantabria, where it was cleaned and frozen, while a decision is awaited between museum scientists and the government as to what will be done with the colossal cephalopod.” w/ photos

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