800,000-Year-Old Footprint Of Man


That is an 800,000-year-old footprint; the oldest trace of humankind yet discovered outside of Africa. Four more sets of nearby prints—left by both adults and children, perhaps a family—were found amongst the preserved sediments of Happisburgh, outside of Norfolk, England in 2013… For the first time since those prehistoric humans took their totemic stroll, carbon dioxide accounts for more than 402 parts per million of the planet’s atmosphere.” w/ photos + video

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Scientists Created Lab Grown Vaginas!

“Four young girls born with underdeveloped reproductive systems were given lab grown vaginas 8 years ago… and they work extremely well. Laci is joined by Ross Everett to discuss how recreating body parts in labs will change everything!” — DNews

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Guy Drinks 3 Pounds Of Butter

“I’ve tried the butter challenge in the past, but this time I’m trying something different. 3 pounds of melted butter… mmm.” — Chuck From The Bronx

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9-Month-Old Boy Accused Of Planning Murder


Baby Muhammad Mosa Khan is one of more than 30 people facing charges after a police raid to catch suspected gas thieves in the city of Lahore, The News website reports. Police say the suspects tried to murder security officers by pelting them with stones. But the Times of India newspaper quotes the infant’s father as saying the group was protesting against an electricity shortage. The infant appeared in the courtroom sitting on his father’s lap and clasping a bottle. He was given bail and the case has been adjourned until 12 April, reports from Lahore say. His father is also among the accused.” w/ photos + video

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Man Crosses 170ft High Aqueduct On Unicycle

“A Daredevil rides a unicycle along the ledge of a funicular railway in Romania – and narrowly avoids a fatal fall. The software developer, who is based in Timisoara in the west of Romania, found time to indulge in a spot of juggling – and managed not to drop a single ball or club during his crossing. The Romanian can also be seen tiptoeing his way along the edge of a 170ft high aqueduct in Secu village – without any safety equipment for support.” — BarcroftTV

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News Is Being Written By Robots?


It’s easy to praise robots and automation when it isn’t your ass on the line. I’ve done it lots. But I may have to eat my own Cheerios soon enough. Software is writing news stories with increasing frequency. In a recent example, an LA Times writer-bot wrote and posted a snippet about an earthquake three minutes after the event. The LA Times claims they were first to publish anything on the quake, and outside the USGS, they probably were. The LA Times example isn’t special because it’s the first algorithm to write a story on a major news site. With the help of Chicago startup and robot writing firm, Narrative Science, algorithms have basically been passing the Turing test online for the last few years.” w/ photos

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Samsung Wants $150K For 110-Inch 4K TV


The 85-inch member of this billionaire-level TV series has been out for a while, and we know most of the details already: $40,000 price tag, 4K resolution, crazy easel-type stand. Check out our extended hands-on for more. Now Samsung is adding its 110-inch version, model UN110S9, to the series. The massive TV was first shown at CES 2013, but never shipped. Now it’s official, and as of March 2014 it has an official price: $150,000. Cue more of those awesome fake Amazon user reviews!… Beyond its size and price, the most striking thing about the S9 is the design: this is a floor-standing television mounted on what looks like an artist’s easel, and the TV is designed to tilt up and down.” w/ photo

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The Mast Walk

“Solo round the world yachtsman Alex Thomson performs a daring feat on board his high-speed yacht, HUGO BOSS: He climbs up the 96ft high mast of the moving vessel and dives into the ocean.” — AlexThomsonRacing

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