Top 4 Ways Money Actually Can Buy Happiness


“The conventional wisdom seems to be that those who are really wealthy aren’t any happier than those who are poor, and there’s evidence supporting this; the very wealthy have different concerns and stresses from the poor, but they’re not on balance any happier. Well, I’m here to tell you, as a wealthy man who’s perfectly happy writing comedy articles from the pile of Prada handbags I use in place of a couch, that money can in fact buy happiness. Here’s how:” w/ photos

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Top 10 Insurance Companies In The World


“Everything has become expensive in today’s world. Even a small loss or damage can lead to huge expenses. To our rescue, many Insurance companies function today. Insurances are provided on various things such as health, auto, property, life and casualty. All we have to do is pay a small premium amount that will keep us insured. In the past, many insurance companies have emerged in the game. Customer has a wide option to choose from now. We have made a list of the top 10 insurance companies in the world today. Check the out.” w/ photos

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Top 10 Most Endangered Species


“Over thousands of animals are feared to disappear in the next couple of decades. These creatures face extinction mostly because of human activities rather than natural causes. Modernization, poaching among many others have caused destruction to the animals and their habitats, we should act fast to reconstruct the damage. From the smart dolphins and turtles in the waters and the huge elephants and rhinos on land. [Here] is the complete list of 16 critically endangered species on the planet.” w/ photos

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Top 10 Explanations About The MothMan


“Roughly 48 years back a Mothman was seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia. A report published in the Point Pleasant Register on November 16, 1966 read “Couples See Man-Sized Bird… Creature… Something”. The Mothman is a legendary moth-like creature who was introduced by Gray Barker in 1970. In 2002, its film adaptation, The Mothman Prophecies was practically based on the book The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel. [Here] are ten common explanations for this legendary character which was related to a wide array of supernatural events in West Virginia.” w/ photos

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