Top 10 Life & Business Lessons We’ve Learned From Dungeons & Dragons


“If you’re not too familiar with Dungeon’s and Dragons, it’s best to vicariously take the role of pre-fame James Franco as Daniel Desario, from the highly influential show Freaks and Geeks: Since it was introduced in the 70′s Dungeons and Dragons has had an undeserved rep as THE GAME for the socially-inept. Which is surprising, considering that socialization and teamwork are innate aspects of the game. Here are just a few things we’ve learned from Dungeons and Dragons:” w/ photos

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Top 5 Bullshit Lies Cable Companies Are Feeding You Right Now


“In order to clear their good names, Verizon, Comcast, and their ilk are doing their best to address their customers’ concerns… by using the time-honored tradition of feeding us bullshit. Yes, as they attempt to explain to us why having less freedom to look up porn and play online poker would be a good thing (or, you know, whatever other people use the Internet for), they’re resorting to patently ridiculous arguments, like…” w/ photos

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Top 10 Astonishing Animals With No Eyes


“What’s so great about having eyes anyway? If these eyeless animals could talk, they’d tell you that vision is overrated. Each one of these ten incredible creatures has an amazing story to tell. In the darkest environments, with nothing to go on but smell, touch and hearing, they manage to feed and reproduce, like blind super-beings with heightened remaining senses. Here’s a look at ten amazing animals without eyes.” w/ photos

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Top 8 Myths About The Super Rich


“The importance and influence of the world’s UHNW individuals is increasing across various industries – from wealth management to luxury as well as philanthropy, amongst others. While many firms, brands and non-profit organisations specifically target UHNW individuals, little research on this population had been undertaken until recently. Wealth-X – the leading provider of intelligence on the UHNW population – is filing this gap, in an effort to support organisations that engage directly with this segment of the world’s population. This report highlights why this research is so relevant across industries.” w/ photos

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