Top 10 Horrifying Pieces Of Fan Art Made From Innocent Children’s Stories


“…since fans don’t have to answer to anyone or conform to guidelines, they’re free to make fan art as personal or fetishistic as they wish. Plus, the sadists among us enjoy laughing at freaks more than we do appreciating competent artwork. Nevertheless, those in the know realize fan projects can be extremely beautiful. The ones on this list might fall in that category, but they’ll also likely provoke a slightly different reaction.” w/ photos

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Top 5 Family Movies & TV Shows That Were Almost Insanely Dark


“Silly cartoons, wacky comedies, movies that always have a happy ending – if we didn’t have those to help cheer us the fuck up, we’d never stop wallowing in a pit of our own misery and microwaved hot dogs with no mustard. And yet, it turns out that “not depressing the audience” is actually sort of a revolutionary thought among Hollywood executives, who at various points seriously considered turning a bunch of heartwarming movies and TV shows into festivals of sadness and horror. Just check out what almost happened to…” w/ photos

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