Top 10 Man-Made Underwater Discoveries


“It’s incredible what we’ve found buried in the depths of the sea. Every shipwreck is exciting, but sometimes divers stumble across objects that have no business being near water in the first place. From 19th-century locomotives to ancient cities that previously lived only through legend, the ocean is a vast treasure chest filled with the gems of history. And with only between 5 and 7 percent of the sea floor charted, who knows what else it could be hiding.” w/ photos

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Top 6 Secret Formulas Of America’s Favorite Foods


“The CIA once remarked that Hollywood’s depiction of their advanced technology is, in actuality, ancient history. The sea of what we don’t know dwarfs the raindrop of what we do. We don’t even know exactly what we put into our bodies! Companies brag about secret recipes that make their products so tasty, teasing our curiosity and whetting our appetites. In 1886, John Pemberton brewed the first secret batch of Coca-Cola in his backyard, and as a tribute to its mysterious formula, DoYouRemember looks back at famous products with confidential recipes, and exposes their possible classified ingredients.” w/ photos

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Top 10 Surprising Celebs Who Served In The Military


“The hearts of teenage girls everywhere were broken when they heard the news that superstar singer Elvis Presley had been drafted into the United States Army. Parents, politicians and teachers, most of whom viewed Elvis as a public nuisance and menace, welcomed the March 1958 announcement, and while the singer felt it would be bad for his career, it had the exact opposite effect. He returned from serving in 1960 with the rank of sergeant as well as a new legion of fans. In honor of Elvis’ tour of duty, DoYouRemember presents a list of other notable celebrities who served in the military.” w/ photos

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World


“In this list are several breathtaking abandoned places from Europe to Asia, and America. The abandoned village of Craco in Italy, the ruins of a German monastery, the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the picturesque Machu Picchu in Peru, the Holland island which disappeared in the Chesapeake Bay Maryland and the controversial dome houses of Florida. Peek into the complete list of the most astonishing abandoned places in the world.” w/ photos

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Top 10 People Whose Dogs Inherited A Fortune


“But it’s not just rich folk — every dog lover takes grand care of their pet. After all, dogs are man’s best and most loyal friends, aren’t they? Their unselfish loyalty and love certainly deserve a round of applause. Apparently though, some people find mere applause insufficient to truly prove their love and gratitude towards their canine friends. So they went ahead to include their poochies in their will, oftentimes at the expense of their pesky human family members.” w/ photos

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Top 10 Fastest-Growing Cities In The Country


“And if popularity isn’t reason enough, at least consider theses ares for their booming businesses and industries, appealing housing prices and unprecedentedly low unemployment rates… According to a report from CNN Money, which compiled the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau to determine the largest percentage population growth in metro areas with a population of one million or more (see below for more details), these places are leading the way. So if you really want to be where the people are (or at least where they’re heading), these 10 metros might be the place to start home hunting.” w/ photos

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