Top 10 Exotic Fruits You’ve Probably Never Tried


“They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about a cherimoya? Never heard of it? Cherimoya is a fruit native to the highlands of South America that Mark Twain once called “deliciousness itself.” While you may be a pro when it comes to pears, avocados and mangos, there are plenty of fruits considered delicacies in other countries. From durian to salak, discover 10 exotic fruits that are cherished around the world.” w/ photos

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Top 5 Reasons Conspiracy Theories Are Destroying The World


“We all know a conspiracy theorist. Maybe it’s that kid from high school who keeps putting photos of “chemtrails” on his Facebook wall, or an uncle who listens to alternative radio and thinks Obama is a reptilian creature in a human skin suit. It’s easy to laugh at them and congratulate ourselves for being smarter than they are, but in doing so you’d be missing something important: They’re winning. Yeah, it’s time to take conspiracy theorists seriously, but not for the reasons they want us to.” w/ photos

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Top 10 Treasures We’ll Lose As Sea Levels Rise


“If warming rates continue to rise, researcher Ben Marzeion of the Institute for Meteorology and Geophysics and the Potsdam Institute’s Anders Levermann say that as many as 136 designated locations deemed world heritage sites by the United Nations could be washed into the sea in the next 2,000 years. While that may seem like a long time, some of the current U.N. world heritage sites are older than 2,000 years. Let’s take a look at some structures that could be affected, from the remains of a 3,000-year-old civilization to a torch-toting monument to American freedom, in chronological order.” w/ photos

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