Solid Gold Crib Goes On Sale For Millions


“The magnificent ‘crib of golden dreams’ was created by Ximo Talamantes, designer and CEO of Suommo. The company, which manufactures luxury furniture for babies and children, was established in 2005, after Ximo became a father. Suommo artist and manager Rafael Esmila says: ‘Timeless and contemporary character make every creation a definite trendsetter.’ The solid gold limited edition design is the by far the priciest of the Dodo Bassinet collection, which includes gold, black, silver, white and rose gold designs… The solid gold crib, named the Dodo Bassinet, takes six months to build.” w/ photos

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Rocket Skates!


“…you can wear most any regular shoe with the RocketSkates – simply strap it on and you’ll be ready to get started. It comes with either a large or small foot plate depending on the size of your feet. You’ll also have to decide which foot you want to be your lead skate; the lead tells the other skate what to do. To accelerate, simply tilt forward, and to slow down, just tilt back on your heels. Think of them as mini Segways for your feet. Peter Treadway, Acton’s co-founder and CTO, says they take a little while to get used to, though he says those new to skating could find it pretty easy to learn. There’s an onboard microprocessor in each one and both are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.” w/ photos + videos

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Why Would Any Country Host The World Cup?


“In fact, it’s almost becoming a trend for cities to proudly and publicly claim they’re not participating in Olympic bids. Recently, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city would not pursue its bid for the 2024 Summer Games. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter also withdrew his city from the running. (Update: The USOC’s shortlist was announced on June 13: Boston, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles.)… With the 2016 Games in Rio, rumors abounded that the International Olympic Committee was forcing them into spending more money by threatening to yank the games and take them to London… And why would they want to get involved?” w/ photos

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With Arms Wide Open

“So, I kept waiting for the cast of SNL to come out of their geese costumes, and start singing a chorus. But… this was actually a serious effort… maybe?” — Senorgato70

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Powdered Alcohol?

“I love the sly word play they throw in there to make you hate Palcohol before you even know what it is. That end bit where she says “Just think of all the abuses…” News isn’t supposed to be biased, it’s supposed to be a medium on which you derive your own conclusions.” — S.Farmer

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