Robot Eyes


“Invented by Dr. Hirotaka Osawa at Japan’s Tsukuba University, AgencyGlass takes the load off your facial muscles and the emotional centers of your brain with a Bluetooth computer and a pair of OLED displays. The built-in gyroscopes steer your fake eyes to coincide with your real head’s position (for instance, looking up with a thoughtful expression when you tilt your head back), and a shirt-pocket camera tracks the faces of the people around you to maintain polite, piercing (fake) eye contact.” w/ photo + video

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Japanese Girl Vs. Pro Wrestler

“This little girl named Haruka does an incredible job taking on Canadian professional wrestler Kenny Omega, and shows that she can sell a ‘match’ better than some of the women (and men!) doing this for a living today.” — Josh Waight

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Google’s Magic Hand

“Today, we are proud to announce the new version of Google Japanese Input — the Magic Hand version. We have developed a device that helps make input on touchscreens even more accurate and convenient.” — Google Japan

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Japanese Crying Seminars?

“For most of us, crying means sadness. But, can the act of crying lead to a better mood? An expert in Japan says yes & he is helping people learn to cry for joy. It may sound a little strange but many people say that it is liberating. Takashi holds crying seminars 2x a month.” — KTNV

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Japanese Fighting Pillows


“Produced by Makura Kabushikigaisha, literally ‘Pillow Corporation,’ the pugilistic bedding has been specifically designed for a good–yet relatively harmless–walloping. But why do simple pillows cost over $30? Well, to start with, the pillows are packed with soft, perfectly-weighted crushed latex. According to the company, the internals are just heavy enough to be good for throwing it at someone’s face while still being elastic enough to keep your target from getting injured! In addition to the ‘perfect for beating your friends with’ stuffing, the pillows also come without any tags or fasteners that might cause injury. Pillow Corporation has obviously put a lot of thought into making this weaponized bedding as painless as possible.” w/ photos

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Japan’s Winding Road


“Irohazaka are a pair of winding roads connecting the lower elevation around central Nikko, in the mountains of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, to the higher elevations of Oku-Nikko located in the northwestern part of Nikko. ‘i-ro-ha’ are the first three characters of the 48 syllables of the formerly used Japanese alphabet (which is now known as ‘aiueo’), and ‘zaka’ means ‘slope’. The Irohazaka Winding Roads were so named because together they consist of 48 hairpin turns. Each turn is labeled with one of the 48 characters in the Japanese alphabet. Although the narrow road has been modernized over the years, care has been taken to keep the number of curves constant.” w/ photos

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