Latvia’s Hospital-Themed Restaurant


Designed to test your squeamish, this unique restaurant forces you to eat realistic body organ-shaped dishes using actual surgical utensils. Drinks are served in Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, test tubes, and IV drips, while seasonings are added using a syringe. You can choose to have your meal in an operating theatre, on a dentist’s chair, or even in a gynecologist’s exam room, which are all furnished with authentic decor supplied by real hospitals and Latvia’s Museum of the History of Medicine. As you enjoy your meal (or try to), you can watch clips of graphic medical scenes from various movies on the several video screens displayed across the restaurant.” w/ photos

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World’s Most Badass Ant?


“But first: that strange head. The various species of Cephalotes have a range of head shapes. Some are almost perfectly circular, like a manhole cover. These ants typically establish their colonies in dead branches of living trees, where wood-boring beetles have conveniently left cavities. ‘The size of the soldier head is perfectly matched to the size of the beetles that came out of the tree,’ said tropical ecologist Stephen Yanoviak of the University of Louisville. The Cephalotes move in, and at any given time a soldier’s head serves as a door to keep the ants’ many enemies at bay.” w/ photos

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Nuclear Plant Turned Theme Park


“Designed to use plutonium as fuel and sodium as cooling agent, the reactor had a higher potential for disaster than most conventional reactors. This created controversy in the surrounding communities, whose protests delayed the construction but failed to fully put a stop to it. Nonetheless when the reactor was finally completed, the authorities ultimately banned it from operation due to high risk of contamination. In the end, the power plant was left completely unused as one of the most expensive, complicated pieces of trash in the world.” w/ photos

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Spain’s Disaster Cafe


The name says it all but you might think twice with its ordinary-looking exteriors. Go inside and you’ll see that it’s just an alien-themed restaurant for kids. Everything’s totally safe until you take the elevator that’ll bring you to ‘the depths of the Earth’. Once you’re in the cave-like restaurant, grab a seat and notice the staff wearing construction suits and helmets. No need to worry yet, order what you want and wait for your meals served in heavier-than-usual dishes. Now as you try to taste your food, feel the ground suddenly shake, see the lights go out and hear the women scream.” w/ photo + video

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Stairway To Nothingness


“Whatever your nerves are made of, as long as you can stomach walking along a glass platform floating 1,300 feet above the treacherous Austrian Alps, this adventure is for you. Located near the town of Schladming, this 328-foot long suspension bridge leads you fourteen steps down onto a glass terrace jutting out of a mountain crag. Once you reach the end, you are rewarded with a uninterrupted, breathtaking view of Austria’s magnificent Dachstein glacier and stunning mountainous landscapes.” w/ photos

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Google Embeds Camera In Smart Contact Lens


“The lenses were developed in the Google X lab and were featured in a patent filing dating from 2012, which was recently published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent filing features a contact lens that includes an embedded circuit, camera and sensor. The control circuit could be linked wirelessly or via a wire to the camera and sensor. The sensor could be a light sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor or electrical field sensor, which may allow for people to gain a ‘sixth sense’ of sorts.” w/ photos

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Swim In A Yellow Sea?


During springtime, bright yellow canola flowers bloom, causing the countryside to burst into life. The flowers, also known as rapeseed, fill the region with a sea of yellow against a dramatic backdrop of the darker conical hills. Terraces cut into the fields and weave a dark contrast through the yellow, while the hills pop out like islands amongst the sea of blooms. The sight is simply breathtaking. The best views can be enjoyed in Lingyi temple located on top of one of the hills. The blooms last only during the spring season – by June the display is gone.” w/ photos

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