The Fling


The Fling is a desktop catapult made entirely of carbon fiber. It’s the perfect way to show one’s nerdiness… Sitting behind a computer all day can get very taxing. Sometimes, there just needs to be a quick little distraction to help the day go faster, right? That’s where this little device comes in. The Fling is a small catapult that is made entirely from carbon fiber reinforced epoxy, the same material that is used in high-end aerospace applications. Its small footprint fits easily on your desk or in a drawer, but don’t let the small size fool you. The inherent stiffness of the carbon fiber used in the Fling allows you to hurl small objects (such as erasers or gummy bears) up to 80 feet!” w/ photos + video

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The Dino Pet


The Dino Pet redefines the whole Plant-Pet paradigm. It’s a living pet that requires indirect sunlight during the day and gives you a wondrous light show when you play with it at night. We aim to create an interactive toy that teaches kids that magic is found in understanding the world around you. To understand and to work with Nature is paramount to living more sustainably. Harnessing biology to produce energy, medicines and entertainment is the future. Before discovering a pet, we applied these awesome bioluminescent creatures in our bio light. Our hope is the Dino Pet will inspire young minds to take an interest in biology and shape the way we live. What will you create?” w/ photos + video

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GPS Sports Watch


Because it is actually a cool piece of electronics: we took the best practices of designing cell phones and we brought these to the GPS watch market. We were looking for the best way of having a completely integrated product, maximizing the screen real estate, reducing product size and thickness, increasing battery life and making the SW customized through our back end. The Leikr watch is entirely designed and developed in Denmark.” w/ photos + video

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The DigiHoop


DigiHoop is a smart LED hoop with 100 RGB LEDs that is as unique as you are. Express your yourself with your own custom patterns! We believe that your hoop should express who you are, be easy to use, last for an entire evening of hooping, and most of all, be rugged enough to stand the test of time. All too often we run across Hoopers that have stacks of hoops in their closets because each one only has one pattern, or very few modes. Our vision is simple: Make one hoop that is upgradable and reusable that can replace all the others.” w/ photos + video

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Propane Powered Motor Scooter


What inspired us here at ProGo started with a question. ‘Why are small motor scooters not a popular mode of transportation?’ They are easy to carry and store. They are extremely cost efficient, especially with todays high gas costs. They are easy to maintain, cheap to own, and a whole lot of fun! So why are motor scooters, CURRENTLY, not a popular mode of transportation? To answer this question we have to take a look into both types of motor scooters currently on the market, electric and gas.” w/ photos + video

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The PicShade


A customizable 3D printed truly unique lampshade with your own personal pictures. The target of our project is to finalize a 3D printable lamp shade design that anyone can customize online using a web browser. So far we have made some prototypes but we need to finalize the details of the PicShade design and refine the customization system. PicShade is a Finnish design product and the production will be done in Finland with the further possibility of the client printing it on their own personal 3D printer!” w/ photos + video

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Portable Tactile Audio Technology


SubPac represents a revolution in the listening experience, allowing you to Feel Your Music. It connects you to a new dimension in sound – the physical dimension. SubPac is a tactile audio technology that is portable, light and quiet. Our engineering team has combined powerful tactile speaker technology, polymers and electronics in a light, compact form factor. This is not a simple ‘vibration device.’ It’s more like a quiet, high-end sub-woofer that generates a dynamic, rich and accurate tactile representation of whatever sound you input – whether from your favorite tracks, games or movies.” w/ photos + video

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The Only Basketball You Need


Bridging the world of sports with cutting edge technology to create a new basketball experience… So what exactly is The EVO ONE? The EVO ONE is an innovative basketball infused with sports-tested, Micro-Sensor Technology. Its multi-functional features allow you to easily transition it from your traditional basketball to your professional shooting coach without the need of any external gadgets: apps, smartphones, bluetooth, or downloads. The EVO ONE revolutionizes the game by placing the coach inside of the basketball without hindering its performance.” w/ photos + video

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