Living Furniture


“Living Furniture utilizes aquaponics, an agricultural technique first used by the Aztec empire to create floating ‘island gardens’ called chinampas. Aquaponics is a combination of fish farming (aquaculture) with soilless plant growth (hydroponics) and has been shown to increase crop yields while using 90% less water. Fish provide nutrients to the plants, and in return the plants act as a living filter that cleans the water. All you have to do is plant your seeds, and feed your fish – the Living Table cleans and waters itself!” w/ photos + video

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World’s Most Advanced Personal Mobility Device


WHILL’s state of the art wheel technology allows a very tight turning radius of 28”. With this new technology users are now able to increase maneuverability in many different environments. WHILL’s four-wheel drive can handle several different surfaces such as dirt, grass, gravel, and light snow. With its incline capability of about 10 degrees, you can now conquer large hills and other obstacles with ease. WHILL offers the ultimate customization on your smartphone to allow total control and adjust it perfectly to your personal preference. The bluetooth connection also allows it to work as a remote control!” w/ photos + videos

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Rainforest Connection


Rainforest Connection (RFCx) transforms recycled smartphones into autonomous, solar-powered listening devices that can detect and pinpoint signs of environmental destruction activity — such as chainsaws, gunshots and animal distress calls—at great distance. Current detection systems rely on satellites which show rainforest destruction days or weeks too late. Our system provides the world’s first real-time logging/poaching detection system. We can pinpoint deforestation activity the moment it begins, while simultaneously streaming the data openly and immediately to anyone around the world.” w/ photos + videos

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The Fonhandle


Fonhandle is inspired by hafting, the act of attaching artifacts to a handle which turns them into useful objects. Humans have used this method throughout history to turn rock, metal and bone into axes and hammers, then later on – simple lenses into magnifying glasses, and then – rubber nets into fly swatters. Now it is time to do the same with the most useful object of all – the smartphone. Fonhandle enhances your mobile experience. It opens a world of new photographic and videographic opportunities, better ergonomics, easier web browsing and other uses that have yet been discovered.” w/ photos + video

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Daymak Beast


Like to mark your own path? Don’t want to be limited by the road? The Daymak Beast Ebike is for you! This electric bicycle that acts like a scooter has full functional pedals that make it street legal in most of the civilized world without insurance or license, and it has wide tires that allow you go where regular bicycles can not go! But wait, the Beast doesn’t stop there! Not only can it go on paved roads, dirt roads and off road, it also charges while you are riding, working or resting!” w/ photos + videos

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Powerbank Watch


World’s first watch with integrated powerbank, chargeable by USB and solar power. A ‘must-have’ gadget for everyone. POWERplus is the leading supplier of eco energy powered products. Our products uses human power (dynamo), solar, wind or water as power source. Why? Because we believe renewable energy sources are the future for us and our children. In electronics, wearable products is the latest trend. Therefor we developed a new and unique gadget which combines our expertise with this latest trend. The solar powerbank watch idea was born.” w/ photos + video

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Transformer Toothbrush


ExmoDent possible to develop various modules which supplement product, a complete set which the user can choose on its own discretion. For example, tapes with flossing, flora tablets, chewing gum and other small households. Objects necessary in different situations, which increase the life cycle of the product. ExmoDent favorably with other hygiene products to its versatility, convenient use, light weight, as well as the ability to use any toothpaste that provides great advantages in transportation and constant care of the mouth. ExmoDent easily transformed into a working condition (only 3 actions), and the resting state. Set of ergonomic and attractive in appearance.” w/ photos + videos

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Roll Up Leather Case


The Roll Up Leather Case is made almost entirely with products and labor sourced within USA. Cases are made with Horween Leather. The Roll Up case measures 8″ x 12″, it contains a total of 7 slots, 5 of them are 1″ and 2 are 1.5″ with a single adjustable 26″ long suede strap. It also features duo internal suede flaps measuring 4.25″ each to better protect contents, helping to prevent items from coming too close to contact. The Case is great to carry and protect collectables, tools, jewelery, watches, cables and any other nicknacks you might want to keep organized.” w/ photos + video

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