Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters


If you’re finding that your table is periodically covered with ring marks left by unstable and volatile drinkers, then it’s about time you laid down the Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set. Including Radium, Plutonium, Uranium and Thorium; just sit your drinks upon these pressure-sensitive pads and they light up, emitting a soothing radioactive glow. Not only do they illuminate your drinks, but you can also frantically tap them to draw the party host’s attention to your depleted alcoholic reserves. For the Chemistry buffs out there, each of the (irr)radiant elements in the set is labelled with the number representing its most stable or common isotope. And if that last sentence didn’t interest you in the slightest, then you can always pretend that the coasters are a completely unresponsive yet still very rewarding game of Simon Says.” w/ photos

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Leaning Tower Of Pasta


“Tilting at an authentic 3.99° angle, this slanted piece of ceramic spaghetti storage can hold up to 1kg of the stuff and brings a Little Italy into your kitchen. Ever had that sinking feeling you’re about to boil five times more spaghetti than you and your dinner guests could ever possibly consume? Well, beneath its chunky cork lid lies a very handy set of serving measurements so you can consistently dish out appropriate portion sizes time after time. If you have an inclination towards lop-sided architecture and stringy Sicilian specialities, you need the Leaning Tower of Pasta.” w/ photos

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Gourmet Scratch Map


“We’ve all got a hunger for traveling, but we don’t all possess the immense riches required to explore that massive globe of ours. The Gourmet Scratch Map is your chance to eat your way around the world and show off your highly cultured and adventurous palate. Europe is a bountiful buffet; rich with culinary delicacies waiting to be savored… Once you’ve consumed this continental feast, scratch away the white foil to reveal the vibrant colors beneath. In no time you’ll become a greedy globe-trotting glutton and this smart monochrome poster will be transformed into a rich tapestry, worthy of your well-traveled taste-buds.” w/ photos

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Foodie Dice


“You’ve been shopping. Your cupboards are brimming with spices, your fridge loaded with the finest meats, the very freshest veg and your pots and pans are now staring back at you, just waiting to be used. Now what? Even the most straight-forward recipes often feel restrictive and intimidating, but with the Foodie Dice in your hand cooking is now a exciting and playful game. Housed in a jar made from an upcycled wine bottle, this cheerful kitchen essential contains nine laser engraved dice – 5 primary dice and 4 seasonal veggie dice that provide inspiration for creating simple, seasonal meals. Protein, Cooking method, Grain/Carb, Herb, Bonus ingredient + Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Veggies.” w/ photos

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Fish Flask


Hooked on the sauce and tired of trawling for the ideal portable vessel to carry your secret stash? Then cast your net no further than this sophisticated Fish Flask. Beautifully-crafted from stainless steel, this dashing aquatic creature is the perfect unassuming container for your covert and prolific boozing habits. Its sleek and streamlined fishy body allows it to slide effortlessly into a bag or pocket and it looks particularly dapper when the tail is just left nonchalantly hanging out.” w/ photos

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Pirate Corkscrew


“Back in the day, your average bottle of groggy intoxicants was sealed shut with a loose cork that you could simply yank out with your teeth (or tooth). Gone are the merciless press-gangings and scurvy-ridden strumpets; the smelly bearded smugglers and ‘Yo ho ho’s’ of yesteryear. But the strong desire for heavy (and responsible) drinking still remains – so what better swash-buckling instrument to get you legless than the Pirate Corkscrew.” w/ photos

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Grow Your Own Clitoria


Love cannot just be bought. It has to be grown. Nurtured. Thankfully the Grow Your Own Clitoria kit contains everything you need to sow your own virile seeds of love and watch them blossom. Perhaps it’s a strong reflection of your own passionate desires or a delicate floral symbol of the love you wish to give. Whether you’re giving or receiving, the Clitoria is a highly sensitive flower that requires special attention all the same. It’s also pretty elusive so for heavens sake don’t forget where you planted it or you may not find it again.” w/ photos

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Lovers’ Long Spaghetti


Subtly engineering a natural and passionate kiss without grabbing at their face is challenging at the best of times. The Lovers’ Long Spaghetti takes all the hassle and awkwardness out of this painful procedure and provides you with the perfect tool to instigate some spontaneous ca-noodle-ing. At a wholesome one metre long you can bring your love-interest to the boil then seductively reel them into a glorious inescapable embrace. This passion-filled pasta is certain to infuse some romance back into your nights in, and draw you and your loved one closer together physically as well as emotionally.” w/ photos

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Walking Dead Monopoly


What better way to recreate the ruthless dog-eat-dog mentality of a post-apocalyptic world than with a frenzied game of The Walking Dead Monopoly. Swap out Old Kent Road for a zombie-ridden down town Atlanta, where you no longer simply buy property – you fortify the hell out of it (with houses as walls and hotels as guard towers). All the wheeling and dealing of the original game remains, but any form of currency is about as useless as Monopoly money in this wretched environment. So you now negotiate with firearms, ammunition, first aid kits, whatever resources you can muster to survive.” w/ photos

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Lionel Richie Chocolate Head


“Hello, is it an edible chocolate bust of Lionel Richie you’re looking for? You can nibble bits from his eyes, you can chew chunks from his smile. It’s all you’ve ever wanted and your mouth is open wide. Made from 9kg of solid Belgian chocolate, each highly-detailed head takes two arduous weeks to complete. Initially 3D printed from an actual mould of the soul legend’s gorgeous face, it’s then lovingly hand-finished by a blind art student.” w/ photos

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