Designer Handbag iPhone Case


“In the Minecraft universe monsters only spawn at night, and the real world is no different. Well perhaps not Endermen, Creepers and heavily pixelated spiders etc. but the Boogieman – he’s pretty real. Which is why you need to drive away the darkness and protect yourself properly with the Minecraft Light-Up Torch. We’ve plucked this pixel-perfect lantern straight out of the game so there’s no need for you to brave the endless world, chopping up stick-worthy wood or madly mining for coal. It emits a soothing yellow glow and can be attached to the blocks of your home as a sturdy table centre-piece or hung from the wall at a perfect 45° angle.” w/ photos

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World’s Smallest Phone Charger


“Where most portable chargers fall short is that they’re just too big and bulky. It becomes a dilemma, a conscious choice to carry one with you. You don’t want to take your bag so you end up leaving it at home, only to rue your decision later when your mobile is in dire need of power. Fuel is the world’s smallest phone charger and it’s compact enough to carry with you at all times. Measuring up at a mere 3.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.3cm, and stuffed (somehow!?) with a rechargeable 220mA battery, this feisty little fuel-cell is designed to give you around 20-30 minutes of extra talk time or up to a couple more hours of standby, depending on how you use your phone.” w/ photos

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Insulated Magnetic Bottle


No matter what you chose to put in the Sidewinder, whether it’s water, juice, energy drink, or beer it will never come in contact with any potentially toxic plastic chemicals found in other bottles. The Sidewinder™ bottle is made with food grade 18/8 stainless, and we have made the lid with BPA free #5 material. To make sure that you and your family stay healthy and safe, we have taken extra precaution and added a one piece silicone seal in the lid ensuring your liquids do not touch plastics. The result is one of the safest bottles available anywhere; ZERO contact with questionable toxic plastics and chemicals. Chose a reward to the right, so you can join the movement to Zero BPA™ in your bottles and cups and be confident your drinks are free of toxic chemicals. Here’s to your health!” w/ photos

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Tuco’s Grill Paperweight


Stripped straight out of his narcissistic gob and set inside a clear acrylic cube, this is all that remains of Tuco Salamanca. Following a thwarted poisoning attempt and a couple of violent shoot-outs, these bejewelled silver choppers are finally yours to own. With such a villainous relic on your desk you can feel just like the smug (and balding) head of the Alberquerque DEA, Hank Schrader. He got a “big ole raging hard-on at the idea of catching this piece of sh*t” and this iconic dental trophy is a testament to his guile and ruthlessness, his boisterous criminal-catching expertise.” w/ photos

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Robot Head Portable Charger


It’s hardly surprising that the Robot Head Portable Charger is the number 1 selling portable charger in Japan (when it comes to tech, those guys really know their stuff). For it’s perky pocket-size it packs in an unrivaled 6000mAh battery that will charge your smartphone 2.5 times from flat… The robot itself is juiced up via the included Micro-USB cable, just give his mouth a press and his beady little eyes light up to indicate how much power you’ve got left.” w/ photos

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Katie Hopkins’ Talking Head


The self-branded ‘slunt’, famous for being fired from the Apprentice and generally getting up everyone’s nose, has now been made into this spectacular Katie Hopkins’ Talking Head. Fancy a mindless and snobby debate? Say absolutely anything and she’ll immediately oppose it with a mad, sensationalist opinion. Featuring a built-in motion sensor, she yells attention-seeking drivel every time you walk past! Made from a saggy and durable rubber, this almost life-like bust is programmed with over 5,000 cringe-worthy quotes.” w/ photos

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It’s Oddka!


Oddka has taken these distinct and memorable feelings and transformed them into three bizarre boozy blends that inject a bit of eccentric mystery back into your ordinary cocktails. Mojitos and Moscow Mules are no longer adventurous – not when you can now lick a lightning bolt, frolic in the flavor of freshly cut grass and melt in the seductive scent of salted caramel popcorn. Undoubtedly concocted and distilled by a radical mixologist in some distant unimaginable laboratory; it’s time to embrace these outlandish flavors, take one fearless sip and let Oddka lead you right out of your conventional alcoholic comfort zone and into a curious and intoxicating world of wonder.” w/ photos

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Truffle Ice Cream Cones


Who says that you can only enjoy ice creams in the baking summer months? Well, no one who’s wrapped their tongue around these luxurious and ludicrously lickable Truffle Ice Cream Cones. Lovingly hand-crafted in Somerset (where all quality chocolate comes from) you can feast upon three unbelievably scrumptious flavors – Sea Salt and Caramel, Strawberry and Champagne and Triple Chocolate Brownie. They make perfect miniature puddings and unsurprisingly go very well with actual ice-cream.” w/ photos

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Blavod Black Vodka


Like a rich and luxuriant ink slowly permeating its way through your cocktails, transforming them into something striking and completely unique – Blavod Black Vodka is the world’s first Black Vodka and a sight to behold. Housed in an imposing frosted bottle, this dark and mysterious liquor is an alluring fusion of triple-distilled English grain vodka and a South East Asian botanical known as Black Cetechu. Endowing it with an eye-catching jet black color without interfering with the natural flavors or odor of this premium vodka.” w/ photos

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Lytro Light Field Camera


The ground-breaking and utterly unique Lytro Light Field Camera, as the name suggests, records the entire light field instead of just a 2D image. The upshot of this is that you can do incredible things like refocus your pictures after you’ve taken them. And because there’s no need for autofocus there’s no more shutter delays, so you can instantly capture the shot before the moment is gone. The extraordinary Perspective Shift feature allows you to interactively change your point of view in a photo after you’ve taken it. Drag the living picture around in any direction, it’s like you’re in a really short 3D movie!” w/ photos

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