Klik Belts


Klik Belts combine the strongest quick release buckle on the planet with premium materials to craft a belt that will outlive you. Belts are an accessory worn everyday, yet they haven’t been updated since their inception. Until now… Your belt should be a complimentary tool to your wardrobe, and function without question. Our aim is to present you with the world’s strongest belt; one without holes, absolutely zero stretching, and a buckle that doesn’t slip.” w/ photos

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The Glowbelt


Glowbelt is the first in a new generation of wearable LED products keeping you safe at night. Compact, lightweight and bright, the belt pulls out from a small and attractive case and can be worn as a sash or belt allowing you to keep safety in your pocket or glovebox. Anyone on the road has the right to feel safe, whether it be on the roadside during a break down or while out walking the dog. Glowbelt makes you visible well before a car’s headlights illuminate you.” w/ photos + videos

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The Bac Rac


Bac Rac is an innovative and highly effective exercise device for back pain sufferers. The modular design and simple assembly means that sections can be removed for smaller framed users, it takes a few seconds to undo the retainer and slide out the extra section. Using bac rac is easy. However to get the best from this remarkable device we suggest you use it as often as you can. If work, family, studies prevent you getting 5 minutes during a busy day, then use it after work when your back can really benefit.” w/ photos + video

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The Massage Track


Do your own deep tissue massage with tennis or lacrosse balls for unequaled power, precision and versatility. Get loose, get relief! Because the Body Track and Neck Track let you use any ball you like, you can choose the one that gives you the right amount of pressure every time you use them. Sometimes that’s a tennis ball and other times it’s the lacrosse ball which is smaller and harder. And, if you have an injury, you’ll want to start with something very soft like the blue ball in our Massage Ball Set. Having a massage therapist work on you is wonderful, but doing your own self-care right away prevents muscle pulls and resolves tendinitis preventing pain!” w/ photos + videos

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The DreamLit


DreamLit is a new concept LED lamp that provides a warm and cozy atmosphere to support a good night’s sleep. With built in music and automatic dimming light and sound, the lamp slowly powers off as you drift off to sleep! DreamLit Sleep Curve When you start Dream mode, the device starts to play your choice of music and dims the light to the preset level. In approximately 30 minutes (adjustable as described below), DreamLit slowly turns down the light and music until it reaches the minimum level, setting a relaxing atmosphere that leads you to a sweet sleep. Finally, DreamLit softly switches off the music and light.” w/ photos + video

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The TinyTesla


Learn electronics, shoot lightning, and play music using electricity with tinyTesla! Also introducing oneTeslaTS, its big brother. TinyTesla is a little Tesla coil that shoots sparks, plays MIDI tracks, and exercises your soldering skills. This coil kit is designed to be easy to build and assemble for anyone with basic soldering skills. Shooting lightning and playing music using electricity itself is an exciting way to learn about physics and electronics!” w/ photos + videos

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Loop Wall Hook


Loop appears as the minimum expression, a wall hook consisting of a thin sheet of metal or plastic, a wooden body and two screws. What is Loop? Loop is a minimalistic wall hook which is delivered flat-packed because when packed, it is not larger than 15 mm. thick; this makes shipping and storing an easy task. Loop enables users to involve in the creation of their our hook, offering a playful way of assembly and installation, which we consider an add value.” w/ photos + video

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Perfect Salt & Pepper Shaker


With the Pine, we’ve remedied this problem, by making the holes for the pepper slightly bigger than the holes for the salt. This allows both to flow out at an even rate, instead of one pouring out too fast, and the other clogging the holes. At 0.075 in. and 0.090 in., the different sized holes are perfectly cut for salt and pepper respectively. However, we also made sure to take into account the additional thickness of the satin nickel coating. Since this coating will add an additional 0.005 in. we made sure to calculate that into our designing of the holes. The result is a perfect ratio of hole size to grain size.” w/ photos + videos

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The FitRider


The FitRider™ is a new type of bicycle that offers an upper body workout combined with all the great, low impact, cardio benefits of riding a standard bike. The FitRider™ is an alternative for anyone who rides a conventional bike and wants to get a more balanced workout. It is also for anyone who is currently using exercise equipment but doesn’t want to be confined indoors. It can even be used indoors during the colder months so you can continue to stay fit year round. It is the amount of flexibility that FitRider™ offers that makes it so exciting.” w/ photos + videos

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