What Happens When Robots Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves?


The issue is that, as robots start to approach true human mimicry, when they look and move almost, but not exactly, like a real human, real humans react with a deep and violent sense of revulsion. This is evolution at work. Biologically, revulsion is a subset of disgust, one of our most fundamental emotions and the by-product of evolution’s early need to prevent an organism from eating foods that could harm that organism. Since survival is at stake, disgust functions less like a normal emotion and more like a phobia – a nearly unshakable hard-wired reaction.” w/ photos

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Can Travel Change You?


Not only that, but your senses are heightened – you smell, hear and see things you wouldn’t notice at home – and your emotions are aroused. You experience fear and anxiety about simple things like hailing a cab, finding a market and ordering food in a language you barely speak. These factors make you vulnerable to change. They also put you in a position where you must behave differently to have your basic needs met. After all, you have to eat to live; so, being proactive becomes imperative, rather than optional. How else does travel set the stage for personal growth?” w/ photos

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Are Rideshare Services Like Uber Legal?

“When one thinks of city travel, taxis and new ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft often come to mind. We use them to get just about anywhere in the city. But are these rideshare businesses even legal? And how have they affected the long dominant taxi services?” — TestTube

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Destroy The 40-Hour Workweek


Our American economy needs you to work nothing less than 40 hours per week. The message is simple: earn more, collect belongings, and don’t stop until you retire/die. Unless you meet this expectation, be prepared to be called lazy and unproductive — stuck in the unfortunate world of lower and middle incomes. And if you’re not doing something that makes more money than your neighbor, you ought to think about changing careers… This current system is predicated on infinite growth. If you’re not continually benefiting from pay raises and getting promoted, you’re not doing it right. Since the Industrial Revolution, we haven’t stopped to seriously question what we’ve created and amassed. Like worker zombies, it’s hard not to see the countless hours we put into companies — all so that we reach financial independence.” w/ photos

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How Humans Have Changed In 100 Years


Humans are getting taller; they’re also fatter than ever and live longer than at any time in history. And all of these changes have occurred in the past 100 years, scientists say. So is evolution via natural selection at play here? Not in the sense of actual genetic changes, as one century is not enough time for such changes to occur, according to researchers. Most of the transformations that occur within such a short time period “are simply the developmental responses of organisms to changed conditions,” such as differences in nutrition, food distribution, health care and hygiene practices, said Stephen Stearn.” w/ photos

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Phantom Traffic Jam

“Andrew Marr explains the phantom traffic jam from a cherry picker and then on a computer graphic.” — Silverfox1100

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Why Chicago Has So Much Gang Violence

“Chicago recently suffered a bloody holiday weekend as more than 60 people were shot and 9 are reported dead. With police forces lacking manpower and crime on the rise, the city has been nicknamed Chi-raq due to the war zone of gang violence. But what caused Chicago to be as violent as it is today? Believe it or not, the uprise in violence may have to do with locking up gang members.” — TestTube

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How Long Would It Take For Your House To Fall Completely Apart?


“Your home protects you from wind, rain, snow and even ultraviolet rays from sunshine. But those same elements can also prove fatal for a home if you don’t do the routine maintenance necessary to keep it up. Cleaning out gutters, recaulking windows and replacing roof shingles may all bore you to tears, but they are all imperative for keeping your house safe from the ravages of time and weather. But exactly what would happen if you simply stopped doing these things? How long would it take for your house to fall completely apart if you left it alone?” w/ photos

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How Stress Works


On this page, we will help you deal with your three types of stress – those you can eliminate, those you can reduce, and those you can cope with. While the stressors you can eliminate or cope with essentially take care of themselves, it’s the stress you need to reduce that causes real problems. We will offer you some tips to organize your life and remove some of the stressors that are adding to your frustration. Finally, we will offer you some suggestions that may help you relax when you are feeling stressed out.” w/ photos

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