How To Wake Up Feeling Great

“I’ve shared this concept with as many people I can, whenever this discussion comes up. The only alteration I give as is, ‘The Three Hour Rule’ (90min x 2)… People like to argue; I feel it’s part, stubbornness to new information and/or an insecurity of not knowing this information, an attitude of wanting to be the one who’s right… I keep telling people, wanting to help them, that there are other solutions than being a slave to an alarm clock. Personally, I haven’t used an alarm clock in over 7yrs. And I wake up on time everyday. The only time when I feel terrible in the morning is when someone interrupts my sleep.” — Amps For Buddha

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How To Make A Garden Sprinkler

“Need to water your garden? Make this simple garden water sprinkler. Works great and it’s a fun way to recycle a plastic bottle.” — DaveHax

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How To Survive Nuclear Radiation

“Fallout! How to Survive illustrates the cause and effects of radioactive nuclear fallout. Describes preparations which should be made to safeguard lives and protect food and water supplies from radiation.” — BestDomainVidz

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How To Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life On An Airplane

“Navigating your way through clueless tourists, grabby TSA guards, and disinterested ticket counter clerks is only half the battle. Once you make it to your seat, you’ve still got an entire flight to endure. Your best airplane strategy is almost always to sleep through the entire ordeal, but how does one sleep effectively while fully clothed, sitting up, in the middle seat? It’s surprisingly easy with a bit of planning.” w/ photos

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Simple Trick That Makes Sure Your Earphones Never Get Tangled Again!


“It’s the bane of any avid music listeners; headphones seemingly always become tangled when they’re stored in a pocket, bag or elsewhere. But the mystery of headphones tangling might finally be solved thanks to a study that suggests a workable solution. Physicist Robert Matthews from Aston University in Birmingham says that clipping the two earbuds together, then attaching them to the end near the audio jack, will solve the problem – and he’s got the research to prove it.” w/ photos

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How To Make Bacon Wrapped Donuts


“Any store bought donut works work well and I’ve found that the glazed, powdered, and chocolate ones pair well with bacon. What doesn’t pair well with bacon! I’ve assembled a collection of Doinks using both donuts and donut holes. Have fun with these bacon musings. They are sure conversation starters.” w/ photos

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How To Make Crispy Green Beans


When fresh green beans are cooked perfectly, you can taste their fleshiness and sweetness. I like my green beans fried in a tempura-style batter that’s light and fluffy. I use my SYD Hot rub to give it a little kick and you can serve it with some Ranch dressing on the side. This dish makes a great snack or appetizer entre. The fluffiness comes from combining cornstarch with flour and adding some baking powder to make the batter crispy. The sugar adds a very slight sweet note to enhance the flavor of the beans. The egg yolk helps to bind the ingredients together and gives the batter an appetizingly nice yellow color.” w/ photos

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