New Water-Repellant Surface Makes Drops Bounce


In recent years, water-repelling materials have gotten better and better at their job of fearing water. But even the best hydrophobic surfaces still take their time when repelling water. This becomes an issue when the surfaces you want to keep water-free operate in freezing conditions. If water is not repelled quickly, it can freeze and end up stuck there. Now Kripa Varanasi, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has come up with a way of speeding up the process of repelling water. His approach involved creating a textured surface with tiny ridges (0.1 millimeters high).” w/ photos

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World’s Longest Moustache

“Ram Singh Chauhan boasts the world’s longest moustache – measuring over 14ft long. Ram Singh has spent 32 years cultivating the whiskers. He spends two hours each day oiling, brushing and platting his moustache. And his locks have seen him become a celebrity in his home town, making trips out difficult for the 58-year-old from Jaipur, India.” — BarcroftTV

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Echo Voice Man

“Drinking outside in Madeira Portugal we came across this waiting comedian! this is a part of his routine.” — Wouter Van Der Put

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New Invisibility Cloak Design!


A new ‘broadband’ invisibility cloak which hides objects over a wide range of frequencies has been devised. Despite the hype about Harry Potter-style cloaks, our best current designs can only conceal objects at specific wavelengths of light or microwaves. At other frequencies, invisibility cloaks actually make things more visible, not less, US physicists found… ‘Our active cloak is a completely new concept and design, aimed at beating the limits of [current cloaks] and we show that it indeed does,’ said Prof Andrea Alu, from the University of Texas.” w/ photos + video

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Can Scientists Modify Human DNA?


Leading geneticists last night hailed a ‘jaw-dropping’ new form of gene therapy which could transform the treatment of incurable disorders. The new technique allows scientists to edit genetic information with great precision for the first time. The breakthrough means detailed alterations can be made to human DNA, potentially allowing scientists to treat genetic disorders such as sickle-cell anaemia, Down syndrome and Huntington’s disease. Scientists believe the technique is so accurate it might be used for gene therapy – replacing faulty genes with healthy ones – on incurable viruses such as HIV and diseases such as cancer.” w/ photos

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The Writer (Automaton)

“When your technology is limited, imagination and inventive takes over to compensante. This is the reason it’s so good for kids to be sent to play outside instead of playing with the computer: Because they develop a more powerful imagination and creativity while trying to find ways to play and have fun. Limited resources, coupled with motivation, are the biggest source of creativity in humans.” — Lil’ Wolf

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Blood-Filled Mosquito Fossil Discovered


“Through a series of events that scientists themselves admit was ‘extremely improbable,’ a mosquito that feasted on the blood of Eocene animals some 46 million years ago managed to die and become trapped in sediment, but remain in tact, all while carrying a belly full of blood — its last meal. The result, recently discovered in some oil shale from northwestern Montana, is the first fossil of a mosquito found still engorged with ancient blood.” w/ photos

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