Epic Prostitute Meltdown PRANK

“I called a prostitute who posted an ad looking for someone to be her hotel roommate and ‘work’ together. I called her as 4 different characters, and the only way to describe her reaction by the end of this call is… an epic meltdown.” — Ownage Pranks

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How To Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals


“We all have goals and dreams, but it can be difficult to stick with them. Each week, I hear from people who say things like, ‘I start with good intentions, but I can’t seem to maintain my consistency for a long period of time.’ Or, they will say, ‘I struggle with mental endurance. I get started but I can’t seem to follow through and stay focused for very long. Don’t worry. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else.” w/ photos

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Bad Grandpa PRANK

“Damn, you guy’s know how to make something simple and then turn it into something that is reckless, but entertaining.” — James Castellanos

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The Solarpad


Our Solarpad Kit sets a new standard for a rugged, lightweight, compact, powerful, water resistant, and easy-to-use USB solar charger that can keep a smart phone charged all day! Connect Solarpad to the Power Core battery input then use the cable that came with your smart phone and plug it in to the Power Core output. Solar charge the Power Core battery and charge your phone from this battery at the same time! We designed the Solarpad Kit without an on/off button so you just plug it in and it works automatically!” w/ photos + video

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Top 10 Insurance Companies In The World


“Everything has become expensive in today’s world. Even a small loss or damage can lead to huge expenses. To our rescue, many Insurance companies function today. Insurances are provided on various things such as health, auto, property, life and casualty. All we have to do is pay a small premium amount that will keep us insured. In the past, many insurance companies have emerged in the game. Customer has a wide option to choose from now. We have made a list of the top 10 insurance companies in the world today. Check the out.” w/ photos

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