Jumping Fish Phenomenon

“In the 1970′s silver carp were accidentally introduced into the Illinois River after escaping from a fish farm. The fish mistake pressure waves from the propellors of the boat’s motors for the movements of predators and jump with fright. Each jumping fish scares its neighbor, causing a dangerous chain reaction.” — JohnDownerProd

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Turn Signal Gloves

“The gloves are designed such that you can signal in front of you without having to take your hands off of the handle bars. Signaling behind you is easy as well; simply extend your hand and press the contact plates together. The light will flash toward drivers behind you so that they can see your intent.” — Zackees

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Full Pizza Print

“Impressive. But this isn’t really so much a 3d printer that makes food as it is a machine that makes pizza. Not that a machine that makes pizza isn’t cool, but I have to wonder just how wide this thing’s repertoire is…” — Yukonor

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Are Hand Dryers Better Than Paper Towels?

“Handwashing is no joke, especially when wet hands can harbor a ton of bacteria. While hand dryers are better for the environment, overall, are they better than paper towels? Trace takes some time to get to the bottom of this viewer submitted question.” — DNews

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Blinky Tape


“We’ve done a lot of work with LEDs for events all over the US. Our most popular project is probably the DomeStar – a 16-foot diameter dome covered with 6,400 addressable RGB LEDs. DomeStar is one part installation, one part chill out space, one part high-energy dance floor, and has appeared at events such as the NYC Resistor Interactive Show, Disorient Country Club, PEX Summer Festival, Burning Man, the Open Hardware Summit and World Maker Faire. A flattened version of DomeStar provided engaging, reactive lighting for the Daft Punk Halloween Performance in NYC. We’ve had a lot of fun working with LEDs, but we’ve often been frustrated by how difficult they can be to program, power, mount, and enclose. That’s why we invented the BlinkyTape!” w/ photos + videos

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Top 10 Outstanding Facts About Estonia


“Centuries ago, Estonia had to deal with rule by the Danish, then the Swedish, and — more recently — the Soviet Union. However, despite these challenges, Estonia has thrived and came into its own as an independent, democratic country. The most extraordinary thing about Estonia is its grasp of technology. When it comes to Internet access, Estonia is one of the most connected countries in the world, and its education is also top-notch.” w/ photos

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