London’s Floating Bike Road


Plans to build a network of cycle paths high above the streets of London are being put forward for consultation. SkyCycle is a 136-mile (219 km) route, with the first phase, proposed from east London to Liverpool Street Station, costing more than $200m. If approved, the 10 routes would be built above existing rail lines and would take about 20 years to complete. The plans will be sent out to interested parties for feedback before a planning application is submitted. Sir Norman Foster, the architect who designed London’s Gherkin tower, has been working with Exterior Architecture and Space Syntax on the concept since 2012.” w/ photos

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Epic Slow-Mo Predators

“The Mongolian steppe is home to predators large and small. Meet golden eagles, fierce hedgehogs, and more in this slow-motion video, which features stunning footage from National Geographic’s ‘Secret Life of Predators’ television series.”

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My Year With Google Glass


“For much of 2013, I wore the future across my brow, a true Glasshole peering uncertainly into the post-screen world. I’m not out here all alone, at least not for long. The future is coming to your face too. And your wrist. Hell, it might even be in your clothes. You’re going to be wearing the future all over yourself, and soon. When it comes to wearable computing, it’s no longer a question of if it happens, only when and why and can you get in front of it to stop it with a ball-pein hammer? (Answers: Soon. Because it is incredibly convenient. Probably not.) In a few years, we might all be Glassholes. But in 2013, maybe for the last time, I was in dubiously exclusive face-computing company. Here’s what I learned.” w/ photos

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Unorthodox Sculpting!

“Gaudi’s work was very controversial at his time and even though his work was commissioned by the church, the church officials did not approve of some of his methods.” — Bruce Ashby

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Climate Change Is Simple

“And seriously. Science and reality don’t care what your beliefs or your agenda is. 99.9% of the worlds glaciers aren’t all melting because you think liberals just want to tax you; the atmosphere and oceans aren’t listening to Al Gore, and heating up just to push an agenda; the oceans aren’t becoming more acidic just because they don’t like the Koch Brothers oil cartel… Science is true whether you believe it or not; and unlike bias and political tittering, science WORKS (ask your computer).” — Nate Drake

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Cube 3D Printer


“Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that 3D printing has well and truly hit the mainstream. You’ve seen those colorful phone cases, those startlingly complex fruit bowls and lampshades, and all that avant-garde jewellery. Well now you can make all of your three-dimensional dreams a tangible reality from the comfort of your own home with the Cube 3D Printer. Easy to use and beautifully reliable, you’re ready to get started straight out of the box with the Cube’s simple setup. Just plug it in and start. It’s the only 3D printer certified for safe at-home use by adults and children.” w/ photos

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Top 10 Weirdest New Year’s Traditions


“Different countries have different cultures, so it is of no wonder why there are thousands of different ways to celebrate New Year’s eve. And having weird New Year’s eve traditions is of no exception to this. Did you know that in South American countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Bolivia, residents wear bright underparts in order to express their wishes for the coming year? In South Africa, the streets are filled with broken home appliances thrown by the locals out of their windows! And people in Ecuador burn scarecrows to scare away the bad luck as they welcome the New Year. Find out more in this list of 10 weirdest New Year’s traditions!” w/ photos

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