Moon Solar Panel Station?


It sounds like a tale from a science fiction novel, but a team of Japanese engineers really is hoping to turn the moon into a giant solar panel. Shimizu, a giant civil engineering and construction firm, plans to install a ‘solar belt’ around the moon’s equator. To be built almost entirely by remote-controlled robots, the Luna Ring would run around the 6,800 mile lunar equator and be 248 miles in width. The solar energy collected would converted and beamed back to earth as microwaves and laser, where it would then be converted into electricity and then potentially supplied to the national grid.” w/ photos

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NASA To Grow Plants On The Moon


Nasa has announced plans to grow plants on the moon by 2015 in a project designed to further humanity’s chances of successfully colonizing space. If successful, the Lunar Plant Growth Habitat team will make history by seeding life from Earth on another celestial body for the first time, paving the way for humans to set up more permanent habitation. ‘If we send plants and they thrive, then we probably can,’ says Nasa. Scientists, contractors and students will work together to create a small 1kg ‘self-contained habitat’ containing seeds and germination material to send to the moon. To get there Nasa plans to ‘hitchhike’, delivering the payload via the Moon Express lander, a commercial spacecraft enrolled in the Google Lunar X Prize.” w/ photos

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Knockout Game PRANK

“The Knockout Game trend that has been going around is ridiculous and we wanted to do something that would combat it with kindness. The world needs more love and kindness and this is something simple that anyone can do to help with just that. Hope you enjoy it and please share this around so we can help better society.” — JStuStudios

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The Cure To Global Warming

“We are knee deep in Global Warming, and researchers are like, ‘WTF do we do.’ Thanks to one scientist and his research, scientists are now like, ‘WTF don’t we do.” — Pointless Tribune

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EVAK’s Air-Free Food Storage Containers


Air takes out the freshness… so EVAK takes out the air. The longer your food is exposed to air, the faster it loses flavor (it’s science). Glass containers with air-tight lids are readily available, but they trap stale air in with your precious food. Evacuate the air and keep your food fresher, longer. Our twin valve system forces the air out as you push down the lid, and lets you easily pull up and remove the lid. It’s so simple – just push down, then pull up; no buttons or levers. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to design.” w/ photos + video

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Top 10 Things You Should Know About Shinto


“Shinto is one of the main religions of Japan. But it’s also much more than that—in many respects, Shinto is the cornerstone of Japanese culture. Formed from the nature-worshiping practices of the ancient Japanese, Shinto has no weekly service, no holy book, and an untold number of deities. It stands apart from other religions because of its inclusive nature, inviting people of any faith to participate in its rituals.” w/ photos

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