Rock Climbing Wedding?


A couple decided to raise the stakes early in their marriage after choosing to get married while dangling off the side of a cliff – making for some spectacular wedding photos… Photographer Long Tien, who had to complete the climb with the couple, said: ‘I do like rock climbing but not quite at the level of this pair. ‘It was a bit nerve-racking being suspended by ropes and I’ve never really done such a difficult one before but the pictures really worked out well.” w/ photos

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Rock Islands Of Palau


The most famous of Palau’s sights are the Rock Islands – a group of green islands covered in foliage with a few bright white sandy beaches. Formed by ancient coral reefs, the bases of these limestone formations have been slowly eroded over millennia into quirky mushroom shapes. There are between 250 to 400+ islands in the group, according to different sources, with an aggregate area of 47 square kilometers and a height up to 207 meters. The islands are for the most part uninhabited and are famous for their beaches, blue lagoons and the peculiar umbrella-like shapes of many of the islands themselves. The Rock Islands and the surrounding reefs make up Palau’s popular tourist sites such as Blue Corner, Blue hole, German Channel, Ngermeaus Island and the famed Jellyfish Lake, one of the many Marine lakes in the Rock Islands that provides home and safety for several kinds of stingless jellyfish found only in Palau.” w/ photos

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Hair Buzzer PRANK

“I downloaded an app called Prank Trimmer that sounds like a hair trimmer and went out to try it. These are the reactions. Enjoy!” — BorfPranker

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Is Bottled Water Better Than Tapped?

“If you buy bottled water, the expectation is that you’re getting the purest water out there — far better than what comes out of your tap. In this week’s DNews Screening Room, Trace reviews ‘Tapped,’ answering once and for all – is bottled water any better?” — DNews

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Dinosaur Kigurumi


“In Japan, kigurumi are worn as everyday clothes as a way to break the conventions of traditional dress… or just as comfy pajamas! Big and bold, our Dinosaur Kigurumi has a menacing scowl, sharp teeth and a huge cuddly tail that let’s everyone know you’re the type that likes to go big or go extinct. After a day of stomping around and growling, you can curl up in your Dinosaur Kigurumi and eat your meal or go out on the town. Roawwwr!” w/ photos

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