Cosmic Caterpillar


A stellar ‘caterpillar’ in the midst of a metamorphosis has been spotted by astronomers. The light-year-long cosmic squiggle is currently collecting material from an envelope of gas surrounding it. Astronomers are now keen to see what will emerge from the protostar, which is in a very early evolutionary stage. A previous study has called the object, which lies 4,500 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus, a ‘tadpole in an interstellar pond.’ Harsh winds from extremely bright stars are blasting ultraviolet radiation at this ‘wanna-be’ star, named IRAS 20324+4057, and sculpting the gas and dust into its long shape.” w/ photos + videos

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Dog Laughs!

“Sophisticated laugh… or the dog is a heavy smoker.” — Travis Pugh

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New Car Suspension Generates Power From Bumps & Curves


ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Levant Power Corp. have created the world’s first active suspension system equipped with an energy recovery function. It’s called the GenShock and if an automaker signs up with the project, it could hit roads within the next few years. The principle behind the system is to recoup lost energy from the motions of the suspension and then feed that power back into the car’s electrical system. Students at MIT developed a similar system in 2009, and claimed to generate enough power to replace a vehicle’s alternator.” w/ photos

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Say Goodbye To Anonymity

“Even if your picture isn’t on the Internet, computerized facial recognition makes it virtually impossible to keep your ‘faceprint’ private. Lesley Stahl reports.” — 60 Minutes

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Park Bench Ticket PRANK

“Gordon informs strangers that they are sitting on his ticketed, reserved bench. Watch what happens when a park attendant arrives to confirm that Gordon’s ticket is legitimate…” — OfficialComedy

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Fish Vs. Turtle

“This terrapin in Lake Tanganyika is hungry for fish eggs. But these cichlid parents won’t give up their brood without a scuffle.” — NatGeo

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Aalto Vase


The word aalto is Finnish for ‘wave,’ and Aalto captured the eternal wave in his classic series of vases. This version is a reintroduction of the original green-tinged clear color. Included in the MoMA collection, this famous undulating vase is an icon of modern design. With sensual and flowing forms, they appear to mimic the water they hold. It takes a team of seven skilled craftsmen to create one Aalto vase. Each lead-free crystal piece is mouth-blown into a mold and hand-polished.” w/ photos

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Top 5 Pieces Of Star Wars Technology That Exist Right Now


“In order to avoid disappointment later on, let’s just get this out of the way right off the bat: No, science has not yet created the lightsaber (goddammit). But, as we’ve mentioned before, scientists are doing their absolute nerdiest to make Star Wars a reality every single day, despite the fact that nothing in the film was created with realism in mind. A generation of scientists and engineers who grew up with the trilogy has already given us…” w/ photos + videos

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