72-Year-Old Lifts SUV Off Son-In-Law


A man in Salvage, N.L., is being called a ‘miracle man’ by some residents in the community for lifting a vehicle off his son-in-law, but he says he’s no hero. Cecil Stuckless, 72, said his son-in-law Frank Vatcher was in the garage replacing the brakes on his SUV when he asked Stuckless to go to the shed and get him a clamp. While Stuckless was out getting the tool, he heard Vatcher cry out for help. “He bawled out, he said, ‘Cec, help me,’ and when I turned around, the Jeep was on top of him,” Stuckless said. Without a second thought, Stuckless bounded into the garage and managed to lift the vehicle off the man, just enough for him to wiggle out from underneath.” w/ photo

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