How To Make Summer White Wine Fruit Popsicles


“The outing sparked a creative whim corresponding with my current obsession with boozy adult-only popsicles; Summer White Wine Fruit Popsicles. A nod to a white sangria with Black Box Sauvignon Blanc wine, Citronage and Brandy comingling with white nectarines, Rainier cherries and sweet green table grapes. Everyone cooks with wine and I felt making popsicles with wine deserved a shot. My crew was not disappointed. The Black Box Sauvignon Blanc was a perfect choice for its light floral and peach notes. The recipe left plenty to drink traditionally from the now staple box in my refrigerator too!” w/ photos

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Woman Gives Birth On Front Lawn, Hadn’t Known She Was Pregnant


She was not expecting — but she sure was pregnant. A New Jersey woman did not realize she was with child until she gave birth on her front lawn earlier this week. Elizabeth Whitehead, 21, woke up with what she thought were cramps Tuesday. Her long-overdue period finally arrived, or so she thought. She walked across the lawn toward the driveway of her Barnegat Township home just before 11 a.m. Then the 2-pound baby arrived. ‘It all happened on the grass,’ Whitehead told the Lacey Patch. ‘His head was out when I was on the grass.’ Her boyfriend, David Windham, dialed 911. Police officers Michael Moore and Vincent Damiano arrived to find Whitehead lying on the ground beside the newborn — the umbilical cord still attached.” w/ photos

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World’s Tallest Abandoned Structure

“The tower in Yekaterinburg, Russia was supposed to be a lot of things. What the city ended up with is the tallest abandoned structure in the world.” — geobeats

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Alligator Manhole Doormat


“Everyone remembers those stories about people flushing baby alligators down the toilet and now they’re alive and grown-up in the sewers. Probably just a tale to keep kids from playing down there, right? Our Alligator Manhole Doormat will startle your guests to no end! Great to put in a bathroom or kitchen! You never know what’s lurking beneath your floors or in your pipes. This hilarious mat is the perfect housewarming gift or deep hole cover!” w/ photos

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