Thong Cape Scooter Man Is Free To Ride


Riding around town on a scooter wearing thong underwear and a cape may be a bit odd but it is not illegal, say police. This mysterious man, simply known as Thong Cape Scooter Man, came to attention of authorities in Madison, Wisconsin, last week. Shocked staff at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in the Wisconsin capital called police after he rode past their school. Officers went to speak to the 56-year-old man at his home but decided he had not broken any laws and was just passing through the area while students were walking to a bus.” w/ photos + video

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The First Conversation Salon

“An artist, Jeremy Redleaf, opens a pop-up shop where patrons spin a conversation wheel to talk with total strangers.” — TimeMagazine

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Nothing But Starships!

“A celebration of pilots, captains, engineers, crew members, and the spacecraft they love to fly. (and race, and crash, and fix, and play in, and fight in, and…) premiered at Vividcon 2012.” — closetfan

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Top 10 Life Lessons That ‘Tetris’ Can Teach You


“Along with ruining the chair I was sitting on, this also basically ruined the time I’d normally use preparing this column. With no other option but to flex the mighty block-stacking machine my brain had become, I realized (and slightly fabricated the fact) that there are certain life lessons that Tetris teaches like no other game. So join me, won’t you, on what will no doubt be an entertaining exercise in a barely rationalized waste of time.” w/ photos

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