Your Next Computer Will Live On Your Arm


“Since most humans activate the same muscles when they point their finger or wave their hand, Thalmic Labs was able to compile a set of specific electrical patterns based on our movements and translate them into thousands of digital commands. As you wear the Myo over time, Lake says, it begins to learn your unique electrical impulses and accuracy improves. The device also has haptic feedback – a small vibration – to tell you when you’ve completed a recognized gesture, such as a hand swipe or finger pinch. That helps shorten the learning curve, says Lake… Though the idea of a motion control wristband might only appeal to the hardest-core of wearable computer enthusiasts right now, Lake has high hopes that the trend will eventually reach the masses.” w/ photos + video

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Batman Shampoo Returns!

“Bane-ana is wreaking havoc on the city of Gotham, Conditioner Gordon lends his advice to Batman Shampoo. Can he finally put a stop to the terror?” — Matt Mulholland

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100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Seeing this cheese really got me thinking. What if I were to make a grilled cheese sandwich that used this cheese in place of bread? A grilled cheese sandwich that was 100% cheese! I had no idea if it would even work, but right on the packaging Carr Valley actually recommends sautéing this cheese in a skillet. Plus, the cheese is already partially baked in an oven — hence the dark brown spots on it — so I figured it would be worth a shot.” w/ photos

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America’s Best Kisser?

“The judges are puckering up to receive a long line of people hoping to be America’s Best kisser. Too much tongue? No lips? Rotten teeth? There’s no room for error on America’s Best.” — TheOnion

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How To Make A Hi-Power Balloon Shooter

“Bring out the big guns! Have you ever seen a water balloon shotgun? Here’s how to make a high powered water balloon shooter that will fire 17 balloons at once!” — G.T

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MIT Teaches Robots To Adapt

“Most commercial robotic arms perform what roboticists call ‘pick and place’ tasks: The arm picks up an object in one location and places it in another. General-purpose household robots, however, would have to be able to manipulate objects of any shape, left in any location. And today, commercially available robots don’t have anything like the dexterity of the human hand… Here we see MIT senior Annie Holladay demonstrate and describe how her algorithm helps the robot adapt by using both of its arms instead of just one.” — MITNewsOffice

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Shower Curtain Ring Hooks


“If you could take a simple, everyday product, and throw in an entirely new function, why wouldn’t you? Branch is a set of overachieving shower curtain rings, with a series of integrated hooks to ensure that storage is always close at hand. The hooks are featured on 3 of Branch’s 12 rings, and can be used both inside and outside the shower, providing a place to hang anything from towels to loofahs to bathing suits. Whether you’re steaming your shirt for a big interview, or just drying your gear after a day at the beach, Branch will always be there to back you up. We’d like to see your old shower rings do that.” w/ photos

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