World’s First Pizza Museum


When you think about cities known for pizza, Philadelphia usually doesn’t stack up with powerhouses like New York City and Chicago. But a group in the City of Brotherly Love is putting Philly on the map with today’s opening of Pizza Brain, touted as the nation’s first museum devoted to the Italian pie’s place in American culture. In the wood-and-brick restaurant, framed photos and comic books depicting pizza date back as far as the 1940s, Plexiglas cases house pizza-related toys, and a cabinet features famed pizza films on VHS. Next door in the sparser gallery, one wall is covered with framed LPs that relate to piping hot pies, including one from hip-hop group the Fat Boys, which was his first pizza-related purchase back in 2010. In the back of the gallery is the perfect companion to pizza: an ice cream parlor.” w/ photos

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