Mom Questions Daughter’s Dental Procedure


“On a recent trip to the dentist, White discovered that little Savannah had four cavities. So, White allowed the dentist to fill them. ‘They took her back and I was allowed to go back when they sedated her and after she was sedated, they had me go back out to the waiting room,’ White said. White brought her groggy, little girl home when the procedure was done and let her take a nap. However, when Savannah woke up and White looked in her mouth, she saw that every single tooth, top and bottom, were capped with stainless-steel crowns. ‘I didn’t expect for her entire mouth to be covered in silver,’ White said. ‘We went in to have a couple of cavities done and she came out with a mouth full of silver.’ White said not only were she and her husband mortified, but so was 4-year-old Savannah.” w/ photos + video

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