Mansion Built Entirely From Junk


“Beal started working on his project in 1928, with just a pickaxe a shovel, and of course, a strong back. He began by laying the most unusual of foundations – he dug a 2.5 acre hollow on a hillside in Cambria and filled it with all kinds of trash. Over this, he used more trash to make an intricate network of terrace gardens, ornamental stone arches, buildings, fountains and walkways. Nit Wit Ridge stands three stories tall and is made from materials like abalone shells, used rocks, beer cans, car parts, old stoves, washer drums and tiles. Basically, anything that he could get his hands on. Well, from the outside the house looks exactly as it should, as derelict as ever. But admirers of this type of architecture see a unique beauty in it that is unmatched by any modern home.” w/ photos

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