Chinese Millionaire Cleans Streets To Set An Example For Her Children


“…from 1998 onwards, the now landless Yu Youzhen went to the Wuchang District Chengguan Bureau to work as a sanitation worker, with only one day off each week, and having to arrive for work at 3 in the morning. Although later she became a ‘rich woman’, she still hasn’t put down her broom. In her work, people often give her cold looks, but she still loves what she does. Many of her co-workers in the cleaning team don’t understand: ‘Mrs. Yu’s family is so rich, yet still she comes to put up with this suffering!’ To this, Yu Youzhen has her own explanation: ‘I want to set an example for my son and daughter, a person can’t just sit at home and ‘eat away’ a whole fortune.” w/ photos

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