Black Tattooed Gums?


The tattoo is done using a black powder – a mixture obtained by burning oil and Shea butter. The customer rests her head on the woman’s lap and the powder is generously applied to the gums. After this, a sharp, needle-like instrument is repeatedly poked into the gums, causing them to be dyed black. This is done in several layers, and by the time the woman is finished, the customer is in a world of pain. Seven layers were planned for Marieme, but she began to struggle right from ‘the get-go’. ‘It hurts. I would never recommend this torture to anyone,’ she said. ‘It really hurts. I thought I was going to die. But I tried to hang on.’ Finally, she got only 4 layers done, and has no regrets now. Because she has beautiful gums.” w/ photo + video

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