India’s Pink-Wearing Female Vigilantes


“The Gulabi Gang, consists of over 10,000 women. And they are a blessing in disguise for many in the overpopulated Bundelkhand region, where people wage daily wars against a corrupt law-enforcement system, infertile lands and the oppressive system of caste hierarchy. But what Bundelkhand is most infamous for is banditry. Disputes are frequently settled by manner of bullets. The Bandit Queen of India, Phoolan Devi, once carried out her operations in the very same region. She would lead her bandits and robbers to seek a vicious retribution, violently attacking the upper-caste villagers. It is in this harsh atmosphere, where life is nothing short of brutal, that the Gulabi Gang has been carrying out its operations for the past two years.” w/ photos + video

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On Smash!

“Navene used to be the drummer for Animals As Leaders, and is working on a solo project where he plays acoustic drums with a MIDI controller to trigger synths/baselines. He is focusing on having live performance based pieces. This is what we wanted to capture with On Smash.” — Marc Donahue

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How To Make Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots


“Bacon wrapped tater tots are a delicious appetizer to prepare for a snack or to bring to parties. This is another great recipe for the upcoming Super Bowl. The process of making this appetizer is very easy — tater tots and a jalapeno slice are wrapped in bacon and then deep fried. They are then topped with cheese and served with ranch dressing. It does require a little bit of work because you have to wrap all of the tater tots individually but the end result is delicious. It is best to allow the tater tots to thaw a little out of the freezer so that you can easily slide a toothpick through them. You may not need the entire bag of tater tots, so I would recommend taking out a few at a time and setting them aside to prevent contamination. The same thing goes for the pickled jalapenos. If you are looking for a great tasting appetizer for game day, give this one a try. Enjoy.” w/ photos

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How To Punch Through Concrete

“This video demonstrates how to punch through concrete blocks using a gauntlet that adds weight and a reinforced impact point to the wearers fist.” — Nighthawkinlight

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Stuff Talks!

“Hey yeah, what if everything talked when you aren’t around? YOU WILL NEVER KNOOOOOOW!” — Robin Verstraeten

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Sledding Gone Wrong

“Me and my mates decided to go sledding in Norwich for a laugh and we found a ramp so we used it and well it turned out to be interesting…” — Oliver Douglas

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Easy Skew Grill Comb


Fire up the grill and invite the neighbors over for some delicious grill skewers with our set of two easy skew grill combs. Each stainless steel grill skewer is perfect for a single serving of fruit, vegetables, or shrimp. Unlike classic kabob skewers that twist and turn your food, these grilling skewers securely hold food so you can grill to perfection one side before turning with a pair of tongs to grill on the other side. Grill skewers come as a set of two and are dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Each grill skewer measures 12” and has 19 “teeth” for using as a shrimp skewer or easy kabob comb.” w/ photo

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