Scientists Invent Way Of Keeping Bread Mould-Free For 2 Months

With a third of bread bought by the British public ending up in the bin, one company has used its loaf… to develop a technique that keeps the mold away for two months. Scientists claim to have developed a microwave technique which sterilizes food without cooking, helping to extend its shelf-life and minimize the use of preservatives. As well as keeping a loaf of bread fresh for 60 days, the method can be used to treat a range of foods including fresh turkey, herbs, fruit and vegetables. The average British family dumps food worth $680 every year, creating a vast mountain of rotting waste. A fifth of all food coming into the home is thrown away, mainly fruit, vegetables, dairy products and other perishables such as bread and meat… But a method developed by American firm MicroZap could extend its shelf-life by weeks.” w/ photo

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