Man Accidentally Picks Up Iron Instead Of Telephone


It might well be one of the most painful ruses a man has ever come up with to get out of housework. But whether it was an honest mistake – as Tomasz Paczkowski insists it was – or not, it will probably be a while before his wife Lila asks him to help out again. For the hapless husband is still nursing a serious injury sustained when he lifted a hot iron to his face instead of the telephone that rang while he was pressing clothes. After Mrs Paczkowski said he wasn’t helping out around the house, he decided to do the ironing while she was at work to ‘prove a point’. ‘Women are always going on about multi-tasking, so I set up the iron, opened a beer and put the boxing on the telly,’ said Mr Paczkowski, 32, from Elbag, Poland.” w/ photos

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