The Subway Sculptor

“A subway sculptor has created hundreds of tiny heads by studying the faces of fellow commuters on busy New York trains. Peter Bulow, 52, from Washington Heights, Manhattan, has crafted more than 400 heads of passengers on the A or C line. He began sculpting his tiny portraits from pieces of clay four years ago to liven up his journeys on the city’s crowded subways. He quickly identifies a subject, commits the features to memory, and attempts to finish the artwork before the person gets off the train. Dr Bulow, a psychiatrist who is fascinated by people’s faces, started his project while traveling between his practice or research jobs in the Bronx. Many of his subjects notice what he is doing and ask questions, but hardly any object to him completing the artwork. Dr Bulow is also writing a book connecting his heads with his research into neuro aesthetics, the study of how the brain interprets art and music.” — barcroftmedia

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