The Human Billboard

If the name Hostgator Dotcom sounds familiar it’s because it’s also the name of a popular Internet hosting company. The man formerly known as Billy Gibby sold the rights to his name to the highest bidder, in addition to selling advertising space in the form of permanent tattoos on his face and body. One of the biggest problems Dotcom has faced throughout his career as a living billboard has been dealing with extinct advertisers. Their names on his body no longer served any purpose, so he just covered them up with other brands. Unfortunately, many of the current site names on his face and body are from the adult video industry, and that hurt his bare-knuckle boxing career. The man formerly known as Billy Gibby says he was taken off the bill of a match airing on a Christian television station because of all the adult entertainment site ads on his face and body. Talking about his future plans, Hostgator said he’s considering one day selling a giant tattoo on his whole body to a single company and becoming a ‘human-mascot-type thing.” w/ photos + video

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