Man Walks Across America In 178 Days

“Although a lot of people compare his amazing experience to that of Forrest Gump, our real-life protagonist actually got the nickname ‘Hobo Nick’. He left Atlantic Beach, on April 5 this year, with no food, no water and no money, but he somehow managed to make it all the way to Huntington Beach, California after an epic 2,500-mile walk across the North American continent during which he went through 5 pairs of shoes. Kleckner says he grew up in an ‘awesome family’ never having to worry about money, and that’s apparently what prompted him to go on this journey of discovery. ‘I had an urge to do this about a year ago when life was repetitive and I felt like I didn’t appreciate it,’ Kleckner wrote on his blog. ‘Since I have been homeless I have lived more in the moment and have really learned to be thankful.’ Throughout the 178 days of walking, the self-made hobo documented his experience by sending his mother updates via his iPod. She in turn posted them on his blog.” w/ photos + video

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