Kitty Born With Backwards Legs Is Now Walking!

“A kitten born with his back legs the wrong way round is starting to walk properly without his bandages. Corky underwent pioneering surgery in April, which involved fixing his back paws with metal plates and turning them round. One of the legs later needed amputating, but Corky is now getting around happily on three paws. Gail Ventzke co-founder and director of CATS Cradle Shelter in Fargo, North Dakota, who saved Corky’s life and organised his surgery, has now adopted the playful kitten and brought him to live with her four other cats and three dogs. Corky, who amazed fans worldwide with his will to survive, is just starting to bear weight on his back leg. Corky, whose surgery was carried out by vet Dr. Dan Burchill of Castleton Veterinary Services, is now a cat celebrity and advocate for the shelter, helping to raise money for other homeless felines.” — barcroft

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