Man Buys 2,000 Buckets Of KFC In Protest

Dissatisfied with the sanitary conditions, man wants to buy 2,000 meal buckets to block KFC… Mr. Yang says he often travels, has eaten at KFC restaurants abroad as well, and discovered that KFC restaurants abroad and those in China follow two different sets of food hygiene standards. At foreign restaurants, when the cook is making food, apart from wearing a face mask and cap, he/she must also wear disposable gloves, and even the napkins they provide are moist towelettes. ‘KFC provides disposable gloves, so why aren’t they used?’ Mr Yang says him spending so much money to protect his rights is in hopes of using this to warn the city’s residents. He says he has the [financial ability] to pay this amount of money. At about 5 in the afternoon of the 4th, Mr. Yang was still on the scene displaying what he believed to be KFC’s ‘problematic food’, and refusing to eat it. His friend Mr. Lei says Yang’s parents are in business so the $22,188 to buy 2,000 to-go buckets is nothing to him.” w/ photos

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