Fish Falls Out Of Tree?

It’s a flying fish tale worthy of Finding Nemo. But in a bizarre twist, this unusual story of three North Vancouver women trying to reunite an exotic fish with its owner started on land – with a fish that fell out of a tree. Cindy Wilkinson got home on Monday to find a voice message from her friend Jan Bailey. “She said, ‘The strangest thing just happened. A fish just fell out of our cedar tree on to the ground.’” Bailey, who lives near Third Street and St. David’s Avenue, had seen the fish make a dive worthy of an Olympian in her backyard. Her husband went out to investigate, and found the piscine drop-in covered in cedar needles but – incredibly – still alive. It was an unusual looking fish, reddy orange and about 25 centimeters long. Bailey hauled out an old aquarium, filled it with water and put the fish inside. Then she called Wilkinson, who promptly called Lynda Taylor, another friend who knows her fish and has a big koi pond. “I said, ‘There’s a fish that just fell out of a tree,’ said Bailey. The friends decided some Internet sleuthing was in order.” w/ photo

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