Grandparents Tow Child In Toy Car

A grandmother and grandfather are facing numerous charges for towing a toy plastic car from behind their SUV… with their grandchild seated inside. According to the arrest report, a Sarasota deputy on patrol spotted the SUV, pulling a small plastic Hot Wheels car with the 7-year-old girl inside. The toy car was connected to the SUV with dog leashes tied to the trailer hitch. The vehicle was traveling about five to 10 miles per hour, and a woman was riding in the rear with the hatch open, cheering the child on. The little girl had on a bathing suit, and no protective gear… The father told investigators he believed both grandparents have a drinking problem. Paul Berloni was charged with DUI, driving while license suspended and child neglect/endangerment. His Belinda Berloni was charged with child neglect/endangerment. Investigators say the child was unharmed in the incident.” w/ photos

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