Real Life Turtle Boy

A boy’s mole grew so big that by the age of six it covered his entire back like a turtle’s shell, earning him the nickname of Turtle Boy. The rare birthmark – congenital melanocytic nevus – affects around 1 in 20,000 newborn babies but a top surgeon described Didier Montalvo’s condition as the worst he’d ever seen. Didier’s life was severely affected by the growth, covering more than half of his body circumference, both in the painful itchiness of his skin and how it affected his confidence… The family were too poor to shell out for surgery – but his life changed when his touching story was featured in a local newspaper and a flood of donations poured in. While they could now afford the op, the life-changing surgery was still by no means straightforward – in fact it would be painful, dangerous and complicated.” w/ photos

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