Man Saves Bear Cub With Head Stuck In Jar

A tiny bear cub received another chance at life when local hiker Michael Schuler released its head from a plastic jug on the top of Deer Mountain. Schuler said Tuesday that he had gone up the mountain that day to conduct some avalanche testing. Because it was a beautiful day, he decided to head up to the summit with Josie the dog. About 10 feet from the top, he saw what at first glance appeared to be a human lying in the snow. ‘I thought, ‘Uh oh. How am I going to deal with this?’ he said. Schuler worked his way up to the hairy object and realized it was an animal with its head stuck in a jar, but it was covered with snow and he couldn’t tell what it was. ‘I knew it wasn’t a marten,… so I thought it was either a bear cub or a wolverine,’ he said, adding that he thought: ‘A bear cub I can handle, but if it’s a wolverine and I pull that thing off, I’m toast.” w/ photos

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