Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read Comics

“Yes indeed, fellow readers, I am waxing poetic about comic books. For too long, many have harbored the notion that this amazing medium is solely for the pleasure of children and that even then, their value is minimum at best. While this unfortunate understanding no doubt exists, it is, nevertheless, far from the truth of the matter. In fact, according to a marketing study conducted by a major comic book publisher, the average age of comic book readers is about 25. As a result, comics – long a popular medium of choice for Americans – have played a significant role in the young, as well as providing a brand for social commentary for adults. In short, there’s much more going on with comics than guys (and gals) flying around in tights with billowing capes. With this basic premise in mind, here are the top 10 reasons why everyone should read comics.” w/ photos

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