New Gadget Counts How Many Bites You Take

Mindless snacking is a problem for many a weight-watcher who can find they have polished off a box of chocolates while they are distracted by the TV. Now scientists have developed a device they say will help people to pay more attention to what they consume by monitoring how many mouthfuls they eat. The Bite Counter is worn like a watch and tracks a pattern of wrist-roll motion to identify when the wearer has taken a bite of food. It was developed by researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina, who described it as a pedometer for eating. Lead scientist Professor Eric Muth, said: ‘At the societal level, current weight-loss and maintenance programs are failing to make a significant impact. ‘Studies have shown that people tend to underestimate what they eat by large margins, mostly because traditional methods rely upon self–observation and reporting.” w/ photo

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