Top 10 Unique Bikes

“Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and now number about one billion worldwide, twice as many as automobiles. They are the principal means of transportation in many regions. They also provide a popular form of recreation, and have been adapted for such uses as children’s toys, adult fitness, military and police applications, courier services and bicycle racing.” — wikipedia

However, some bicyclist take their love for arts n’ crafts (and their wackiness) to a whole new level. Below are the top 10 unique bikes seen around the world.

THE FUZZY BIKE… pic by mquila


THE TREE BIKE… pic by infiniteworld


THE BUMPER BIKE… pic by new river head


THE CAMEL BIKE… pic by dharmabum90


THE FLAMINGO BIKE… pic by david’s digits


THE TALL GIRLY BIKE… pic by tropicofkansas


THE KNITTED BIKE… pic by larry mcallister II


THE MID-DECK BIKE… pic by andyi


THE PARENT & KID BIKE… pic by manuel


THE PAINTING BIKE… pic by james black 07

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