Music Icons Created From Broken Vinyl

“Mr. Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta, is a French artist living in Los Angeles who turned filmmaker and then artist again. Apart from putting a positive spin on everything — “life is beautiful” after all — he also believes in benefiting the environment. He puts such thinking into practice as much as possible in his art, whether it be using the street as a giant canvas, or utilizing trash like old TVs, recycled tires or broken records — all of which he has transformed into amazing works of art. Yet it was Mr. Brainwash’s portraits of some of music’s most recognizable icons that truly captured our imagination, created, as they are, using the fragments of hundreds if not thousands of slabs of old vinyl. Who knows, some of those very same artists may have even been featured on the records. Recycling and remixing old music media just came full circle!” w/ photos

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