Top 9 Actors Who Turned Down Memorable Movie Roles

“Chances are if you turn down a job you later regret, not too many people are going to beat you up over it. After all, your friends and family -– if they’re not a**holes -– will probably be too busy consoling you and trying to cheer you up to make fun of you. But movie stars don’t quite have that luxury. When they turn down a role only to see some other actor turn it into something iconic, the whole world gets to know about it. Sure, their loved ones are probably just as sympathetic as yours would be, but unfortunately for them, we’re not their loved ones and, well, we kind of are a**holes and so we don’t mind reminding these nine actors and the whole world just what a giant mistake they made, and we don’t mind asking the question that is probably on their minds every day: just what would that movie have been like had they not turned it down?” w/ photos

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