World Record For Simultaneous Chess Games

It was a gathering of thousands of kings, queens and bishops… not to mention rooks, knights and pawns. In an event fit for royalty, 20,480 people descended on cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, India, to break the world record for simultaneous chess games. The fest of chess  – a game thought to have originated in India – surpassed the previous record set four years ago, when a mere 13,446 showed up in Mexico City. Participants in were put into 64 blocks of tables, forming a massive black-and-white chess board which could be seen high above the GMDC ground. Among the throng was grand master and current world champion Viswanathan Anand, who delighted fellow Indians at the gathering in the northern city. ‘It is no doubt one of the best days of my life,’ he told the Hindustan Times. ‘I’ve never seen a chess event of this scale. I am sure we will produce many more world masters now.’ The special representative from the Guinness Book of World Records, Tarika Vara, said at the conclusion that it was indeed a record.” w/ photos

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