Metal Neckties

These ties are fashionable and cannot be found in the mainstream shopping galleries. They are stylish, avant garde, and cutting edge one-of-a-kind item. They are made from very thin ~ 0.003” (thousands of an inch) 100% sheet of metal. Each tie is carefully hand cut using a special tool to slightly round the edges. But, due to the thickness of the material one can get cut if mishandled. The metal surfaces are smooth. They make a dramatic statement for the most discerning person. No more dry cleaning bills. These metals are 100% recyclable. The tie comes in various lengths from 17 ½” to 19 ½” long and approximately 1” at the top tapering wide to 3 ¾” at the end. Its weight is within an ounce or less depending on the type of metal you select. As a result, it will fly around loosely.” w/ photos

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